Commander Mobile

With Android operating system

With which you can streamline your service and increase sales, allowing you to simply and quickly lift orders directly from the table and send them to production.

Better image for your business

Give your business a more professional, innovative, and avant-garde image.

Quick and efficient operation

Customer influx management

Faster sales transactions

More sales opportunities

Best customer service

Free up space in the establishment

mobile devices

Streamline your service and increase your sales

Allowing in a simple and fast way to lift the orders directly from the table and send them to production.

app screenshot
app screenshot

Direct, control, and manage your business in a practical and efficient way.

The tablet helps avoid mistakes; There will no longer be lost, illegible, confused, or changed commands. 

With the mobile commander, you can reduce the probability of error since the order is captured at the moment of being requested

Improve your customer experience

The agility provided by the use of the mobile commander allows waiters to attend all their tables in a more efficient way and have better control over them, increasing their productivity and improving their customer service.

Faster sales transactions

Eliminate the trips from the waiter to the conventional commander to capture an order, with this, the kitchen or the bar can start preparing food or drinks from the moment the order is captured on the tablet and thus have faster service.

Requirements for Soft Restaurant® Mobile

Network Requirements

Access point connection or Wi-Fi antennas that allow the tablet to communicate with the Soft Restaurant® network. 150MB transfer speed (minimum) or (300MB recommended)

Wi-Fi signal coverage should be consulted with a specialist so that it is optimally covered in the work area.

Wi-Fi signal recommended to operate from -10 dBm to -70 dBm

WPA2 security with AES encryption for access point.

No break for the server and access point. (safety against current drops).

Installation requirements

Have a stable internet connection

Windows 8 PRO / Windows 10 PRO / Windows Server 2008 or higher

Have the Soft Restaurant® Professional system

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