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10 Benefits of implementing Soft Restaurant® Mobile in your restaurant
Soft Restaurant® Mobile installation and operation requirements
Types of implementation and installation of Soft Restaurant® Mobile in your restaurant
Link Soft Restaurant® Mobile with your Soft Restaurant® system

In the following button you will be able to download the mobile link module that we discussed in the video "Link of Soft Restaurant® Mobile"

Use and operation of Soft Restaurant® Mobile in your restaurant
Network requirements

Access point connection or Wi-Fi antennas that allow the tablet to communicate with the Soft Restaurant® network. 150MB transfer speed (minimum) or (300MB recommended)

Wi-Fi signal coverage should be consulted with a specialist so that it is optimally covered in the work area.

Wi-Fi signal recommended to operate from -10 dBm to -70 dBm

WPA2 security with AES encryption for access point.

No break for the server and access point. (safety against current drops).