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5 sales reports that can not be missing in a restaurant software

5 sales reports that can not be missing in a restaurant software

Restaurant sales reports are responsible for gathering information on all aspects of the business and its profitability, thereby helping managers and owners make better-informed decisions and implement more effective business strategies.

One of the most convenient ways to generate reliable reports that offer you a real vision of the state of your business is through the use of a restaurant software, which is responsible for systematize all the sales information generated in the business to help you really understand which areas of the business are doing well and which need improvement.

If you also have the challenge of increasing and improving the management of your sales and you are in search of the ideal system to achieve it, in this article we will present you which are the five most important sales reports that you should look at to choose the best solution for your restaurant.

1. Sales by product

Sales by product offer a detailed view of the products sold during a certain time, including the general sale of products or through special promotions. This report should contain information on:

  • Product sold
  • Category
  • Number of times the product was sold
  • Current Price
  • Total money that represents the sale of the product.

In addition to giving you the total report of sales obtained during a period, this report allows you to know which are your best-selling products and those with the lowest turnover, which will help you make more effective strategic decisions to continue to position the first and push the Second sales or, decide on their permanence on the menu.

2. Sales per waiter

The reports by waiter are in charge of informing about the relation of the sale and the tables attended by each one, and generally they usually include data such as the following:

  • Waiter name
  • Sales made during a period
  • Tables served
  • Average ticket
  • Worked days

This type of report is an excellent tool to measure the productivity of your work team, it helps to ensure optimal care time and therefore, the satisfaction of the clients, in addition to also working as a tool to determine the tips of the waiters.

3. Sales per table

Sales reports that a restaurant software must have

The sales report per table shows the tables attended and / or charged and provides detailed information about each one, such as the number of people, the total consumption and which were the tables with the highest consumption in a certain time.

In this way, this report will help you identify the areas of the restaurant with the greatest business opportunity and focus the attention of your best servers towards the tables with the highest flow of people or with the highest tickets, as well as boosting the sales of the most lagging tables through more effective strategies.

4. Sales by area or type of service

This report allows you to know the total of your sales made according to the area or the type of service, for example, how much was sold in the dining room, in the bar area, in quick service (fast food) or in home delivery and take away. 

In this way, the information obtained from these reports helps you to know the preferences of your guests to take actions in your business. For example, if there is an increase in takeout, you can focus on improving this experience to increase satisfaction and loyalty, or if people choose not to sit in the dining room you can determine if it is necessary to implement a sales push in this area.

5. Daily and periodic sales

restaurant sales reports that you can get with a restaurant software

A daily sales report is a report of all the money that the restaurant received during the day, taking care of breaking down the income into different categories to help you understand what was sold, when it was sold and how payments were made (cash, bank card , transfer), allowing you to have better control over your bank statements.

This report allows you to keep your restaurant up to date with accounting, avoiding inconsistencies and problematic situations at the end of the month, quarter or year to figure out where everything is coming from on your bank statements or having to fill in blanks when you can't find the correct documents.

Additionally, you can collect your daily sales reports and group them into weeks, months, semester, or years, allowing you to compare periods and identify trends. For example, you can compare your sales on Mondays with those of Fridays, or those of July of this year with those of July of last year, thus identifying what the real performance of your business has been.

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As you can see, evaluating the results of the gastronomic business through reports that have reliable information is essential to know what actions you should take to increase profitability and grow successfully.

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