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How to sell food online with Soft Restaurant e-Delivery?

How to sell food online with Soft Restaurant e-Delivery?

Selling food online became an option for many restaurants during the Covid-19 quarantine due to the high demand from diners who, from home, wanted to continue enjoying their favorite dishes.

Faced with the use of Whats App messaging, home delivery apps or phone calls, an innovative option emerged to get the most out of online home and takeout orders: Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery Would you like to know how to implement it in your business? Here we show you how!

1. Configure your online order platform Soft Restaurant e-Delivery

The first thing you should do to configure your platform is create an administrator account with your business data and your logo in png format (important that it be of high quality and with a transparent background for the design of your portal). 

Since you've registered your account, it's time to enter your new web panel to add the general description of your restaurant, type of food, price range, order delivery time, payment methods and delivery areas, among others.

Remember that the more information you can add, the easier it will be for your guests to understand what your restaurant offers.

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2. Upload your menu for delivery and take away

Once you have registered, the next step is to start uploading your products to the platform. For this it is important that you consider that your Online menu should contain viable dishes and products for home delivery or take-out, considering the size of the portions and the packaging, among other aspects.

Take into account that you can upload your products as groups and subgroups (for example, a group of "entries" and a subgroup of "seafood" and "birds" as part of the entries) as well as include modifiers for your client to choose the ingredients of certain dishes, such as the type of milk for a latte coffee.

If you want to know know how to upload products to your online ordering platform, we invite you to watch the following video. You will be surprised how easy it is!

Add good quality photos

Do you remember the saying "Love enters through the eyes"? In the case of an online menu, it is completely true, because as you are not physically in the establishment, the images of your products will be the main attraction to motivate them to order.

Therefore, it is essential that you be able to take good quality photographs of all the products that you upload to your online menu and upload them properly to your platform. 

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3. Share your new platform on your social networks

how to sell food online with soft restaurant edelivery

Since your platform Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery is fully configured and your menu ready to order, the next step is Spread it among your clients through your social networks and all your communication channels. 

Link your social networks to your online menu

Facebook, converted by their 79 million users In the most used social network in Mexico, it represents an extremely important sales channel for your restaurant, so it is important that you use it to publicize your online ordering platform.

The first recommendation is to add a direct link from your Facebook fanpage through the "Buy" button, as well as a cover image that indicates to your customers that they can access your menu online from said button. 

Instagram is another of the most consulted networks in Mexico —especially by food lovers— so it is also recommended that you add the address of your online food ordering platform at the link to your restaurant bio, as shown in the example of Goes' Kebab.

Remember that you can also implement content strategies for social networks, email marketing, Whats App and all the digital tools that you have at your fingertips to boost your online sales, without the need for investment.

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4. Create exclusive promotions for your online food orders

how to sell food online with soft restaurant edelivery

A strategy to increase the online sales of your restaurant is to include in your menu exclusive promotions for home delivery or to pick up, in order to give your platform a boost and motivate those undecided diners to become customers (or better yet, frequent customers!).

One way to do this is by including the group "Special promotions" in your web panel, as it has My old mill, and add the promotional packages with their respective image and description (remember that you can also include some modifiers to add extra ingredients or increase the size of a product).

Once your promotions are available in your online menu, you can generate various flyers or promotional videos to share them on your social networks and in all your communication channels, which in addition to promoting the use of your platform, will help you increase your presence on the internet.

5. Take control of your restaurant's online sales

If you have Soft Restaurant® 9.5 PRO, the sales you make on your platform will be automatically registered in your restaurant software, but in case you have another system, you will only have to integrate them manually periodically.

Ensure safe delivery of your orders 

To ensure the success of your online sales, it is essential that you can train your work teams with the necessary hygiene measures to ensure your orders are 100 percent Covid-19 free.

If you are in the process of reopening your restaurant, remember that the Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery platform also integrates the solution e-MenuQR, which will allow your customers to access your menu from their smartphone by reading a QR code, no need for contact with no surface.

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Decide to sell food online with Soft Restaurant e-Delivery

As you may have noticed, taking your dishes to the home of your guests with your own online ordering platform is easier than it seems, also giving you total control of your online sales and with greater benefits both in the short and long term. . 

In addition, Soft Restaurant® advisors will be present to help you during the implementation of your platform at all times. Get a quote now and get your restaurant to start selling food online today!

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