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6 qualities that a good restaurant system should have

6 qualities that a good restaurant system should have

If your business has grown in recent times, you have probably realized that you need a system for restaurants that allows you to take better control of your operations, increase your productivity and achieve new sales goals.

However, you must first know what are the fundamental requirements that you need to evaluate when purchasing one. Here are six must-have qualities to help you find the best one for your business!

1. Full integration of the software in a restaurant

When you are looking for a system for restaurants, you may come across various Points of Sale and ERPs, but there is nothing better than software specially designed for the management of a restaurant business.

This is because, while the former offer you general functionalities to which you must adjust your operation, the latter will work so that the administration and control are adjusted to the operation of your restaurant, perfectly integrating all the processes involved in restaurant management.

Tools for inventory control in restaurants

One of the main qualities of a good software for restaurants They are the specialized tools for the administration and control of food inventories, such as the configuration and costing of recipes, control of supplies and presentations, control of warehouses and calculation of costs based on last cost or average cost.

Along with other functions such as supplier registration, purchase orders and product explosion to calculate production purchases, you will be able to know how to keep control of the inventories of a restaurant like yours without any problem.

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2. Automation to streamline service in your restaurant


A fundamental aspect in the service of a restaurant is the speed of delivery, especially for those diners who want to enjoy your dishes during those few and quick free moments they have during their day.

Therefore, in addition to helping you control the administration of your business, your system must include tools and modules that allow you to streamline your service to be able to prepare orders upon receipt and deliver them quickly, such as a kitchen monitor, a mobile commander or a digital menu.

3. Security to prevent identity or product theft

A good restaurant software will not only help you to better manage your business, but it will also take care of establishing the necessary locks to ensure that all your information is protected and that you are not a victim of fraud generated by misuse of passwords.

Therefore, when evaluating a system, you should verify that it has sufficient security tools and accessories, for example, a fingerprint reader that you can use to authorize important operations.

4. Greater benefits than costs

Before deciding on a system for your restaurant, it is important that you carry out an analysis of the costs and benefits that your investment will bring you both in the short and long term.

If the system can assure you that the costs will be covered by all the benefits that you can obtain in your business, then you can be sure that it will be a good investment.

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5. Support and attention

In short, the system you choose for your restaurant must have an excellent support and attention service, as this will be your "insurance" to be able to successfully resolve any setback that arises in the use of both your software and hardware.

Have you ever come across an offer for a pirated restaurant software license? Unfortunately, this will not have the quality of the support service and you will not be able to adequately train your work teams, which will result in improper use of the system and inevitable losses.

6. Adaptability for online ordering at home and on the go


A function that today cannot be ignored by a good system for restaurants is the integration of online orders for home delivery and to pick up, as in recent times it has proven to be essential for survive in health emergencies such as Covid-19.

In addition, having a restaurant software that integrates an online ordering platform will allow you to take full control of your online sales, manage the correct delivery of food and obtain important information from your customers to improve your service.

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Check with your quality checklist your system options for restaurants

Have you already verified that the different systems for restaurants that have been offered to you have the six listed qualities?

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