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How to develop a sales plan for your restaurant in 3 steps

Is the date to start your business approaching and you have no idea how to set your prices to generate sales? There are many aspects that you should consider in your restaurant investment to increase your purchasing power. If you still do not know how to develop a sales plan for your restaurant, we share these three steps to achieve it.

Attract new customers to your restaurant with Pokémon Go

Application Pokémon Go It has become a global phenomenon, although its official launch has only been made in 23 countries around the world, we can currently find user stories from all over the world.

The 7 tips from the world's leading chefs to start a restaurant

Who said there is no formula for restaurant success? If we gather the best tips from renowned chefs who have managed to keep their restaurant among the first places of tastes and income, it is certain that something we can learn and, even more important, put into practice in our business. Try these 7 tips from the world's top chefs to start a restaurant.

7 recommendations to make a sales strategy on Father's Day

Father's Day is a holiday that occupies an important place in Mexican families. This date is intended to celebrate the role of the head of the family and one of the best ways to celebrate Dad is by taking him to a restaurant, that is why we share 7 recommendations to make a sales strategy this Father's Day.

Craft beer, a business opportunity

Mexico occupies the fourth position in the beer market worldwide. Within this universe, craft beer has managed to sneak into a market niche.