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Sell ​​with Facebook, without investing a peso.

Sell ​​with Facebook, without investing a peso.

Sell ​​with Facebook, without investing a peso

Implementing Facebook in the marketing campaign of your gastronomic business offers many possibilities of success, as long as you have well defined the final objective of your campaign and the profile of your ideal client. But what if you do not have the budget to invest in Facebook, if you are starting your gastronomic business and there is not enough capital, read on to discover 5 actions to sell on Facebook without investing a peso.

1. Use your personal Facebook profile and create groups.

Let's leave aside the Fan Page, yes, as absurd as it may seem, people who are fans of your page are also fans of others who are paying advertising on Facebook, so your publications will appear sporadically. On the other hand, if you use groups created with your personal account, they will be able to see each one of the publications you make; Getting them to interact with comments is a topic that we will learn about in another article.

2. Make raffles or attractive dynamics that encourage the participation of new people to your network of friends

Participate in buying and selling groups to attract interested parties. Remember that the objective of the social network is to contact people, get to know the human side of your gastronomic business, have fun and discover information of interest.

3. Create a group to share valuable information, do not saturate them with offers and promotions, because they will end up leaving the group.

Groups encourage interaction between people, share experiences and knowledge, this adds value to your brand. You can send private messages to members who show greater interest in the topics, this will help you create a stronger network.

4. Avoid the easy way, open two or three Facebook accounts to make yourself known in various groups, it is not the best option, in the long run it will make you lose credibility.

Take care of the image of your business, Facebook is a social network so that people can get to know you better, know what you do and what makes you different. Remember to keep your profile updated and respond promptly to questions and comments.

5. Constancy and patience are fundamental factors to obtain the results you expect.

If your business is small, or you are just starting out and you have not yet acquired the experience to manage more than three social networks at the same time, focus on staying active in those that are related to the profile of your ideal client. Lean on a calendar for your publications, with time and practice you can add more networks to your marketing strategy. While this is happening, we invite you to put into practice these 5 actions that will support you to sell on Facebook, without having to invest money for it.

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