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3 reasons why you should update your point of sale system

3 reasons why you should update your point of sale system

New technologies change the way business is done, in this article we share useful data to analyze if your point of sale system brings a real benefit to your gastronomic business.

Point of sale systems are a tool that simplifies processes and facilitates the administration of a gastronomic business, unlike a cash register they provide an infinity of functions that give value to the restaurant and that definitely simplify internal processes, making your staff more efficient.

Let's talk about the point of sale

Unlike cash registers or manual collection, point of sale systems offer a range of opportunities for the restaurant such as: statistics, reports, security filters, inventory management, etc. That allow streamlining internal processes and set a guideline for business development.

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For that reason we share 3 reasons to acquire a point of sale software or renew your current system.


Does the system have the functions that your restaurant needs?

Each restaurant is unique and has different needs that a system must cover in an easy, safe and effective way, these functions must enhance the work rhythm and adapt to the circumstances that arise.

Some examples:

Boost your home service

A point of sale system must securely store the data and addresses of your customers, create delivery areas and have a special section to manage the departures and order assignments of home service personnel.

Streamline your fast service

The quick service business model requires certain functions that allow the cashier to perform all the functions that a waiter would perform, have a menu that allows combos, have by-products, and have modifiers available that allow efficient orders, have communication in kitchen via production monitors or remote printers.

Dining room service

Similar to the previous ones, the dining room service requires excellent attention for the diners, a point of sale system must offer the possibility of placing orders with direct communication to the kitchen, managing to improve the production times of the dishes, it must also offer Loyalty schemes so that your best customers are rewarded for their loyalty and of course the system must inform who those customers are as well as your best servers, your average ticket, your best-selling and most profitable dish.

These are some characteristics your point of sale software should include, to enhance the development of your restaurant, take into account what requirements you will have in the long term to budget a complete system when making your purchase.

Does your program encourage the growth of your restaurant?

This point is concise, an administrative software must adapt to the dynamics of your restaurant and offer a range of possibilities to develop its growth, otherwise you must take action immediately.

There are many business models when choosing a software for the administration of a restaurant, from acquiring the license of the point of sale with additional payments to unlock functions, a fixed monthly fee for the use of the complete administrative software or paying the appropriate thing for a solution complete.

Perform a benchmarking to compare the functions offered by a point of sale software and choose the one that best suits your needs. Take into account the following topics and add those that you consider appropriate for the development of your restaurant.


1 system


2 system


3 system

Type of license







Functions included


Quick service and dining


Address, dining room, inventories, etc.


Single Point of Sale

Technical support


By phone


Telephone, chat and face-to-face


Chat only



Video tutorials


Personalized, remote,



Once the advantages and costs of each of them have been analyzed, choose the one that is most flexible and offers real value for your restaurant, thinking in the long term.

Is your point of sale software a solution?

Administrative systems can offer a wide range of tools, verify that they offer and take into account the following limitations:

  • Lack of customization

  • Difficulty of use

  • Not having administration tools

Lack of customization in your point of sale system

In this section we do not talk about colors or distribution, we want to emphasize the personalization of recipes, creation of compound products and warehouse management, for example: a software must allow you to work with the actual quantities that you occupy for the preparation of a saucer, with direct link to the warehouse stocks and notify a purchase order with the supplier, upon reaching a minimum quantity.

It should be easy to use point of sale software

National Soft® company that develops Soft Restaurant®, shares an ideology focused on the user, creating an easy-to-use interface for waiters, garroteros and cashiers, thanks to the management of highly descriptive icons and allowing the change between workspaces designed for different services offered by the restaurant (Quick service, home delivery or dining room service), resulting in a highly satisfactory experience for restaurant employees.

Manage your restaurant at home

The reports are a reliable source to take actions in your restaurant, verify what types of reports your current system offers and if you do not have a system, the reports are essential to analyze the current situation of your business and create strategies to increase your sales. , reward your staff or modify the menu, some solutions offer more reports than others and some are automatically generated informing instantly how the restaurant is doing.

The list can go on, it is necessary to analyze the tools that a restaurant offers and keep these points in mind when purchasing or renovating a point of sale system.

Your point of sale system must provide all the tools to properly implement each business model you undertake.