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5 functions of a restaurant software that will help you grow

5 functions of a restaurant software that will help you grow

Gastronomy is a complex business in which several people must carry out multiple tasks in the shortest possible time, and this need has led to the development of specialized tools such as restaurant software, designed to guarantee a correct operation of restaurant management, satisfaction customer and business profitability.

If you have already heard about this tool but it is still not clear what it is and what it does, in this article we will present some of the most important aspects about its operation and the components that make it the ideal ally for the growth of restaurants.

What is restaurant software?

Un software restaurateur is a system designed to improve control and optimize all operations involved in the operation of a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, pizzeria, foodtruck and virtually any food and beverage business.

This system consists of a computer program that is installed on a server computer and is in charge of recording all sales, generating a database with important information on all registered operations to facilitate administration, querying reports and taking decisions. decisions.

Addition software, this system may include physical components of hardware such as the ticket printer and the production monitor, as well as additional tools that are responsible for optimizing specific tasks of the gastronomic business, such as tablets that operate as a mobile commander or digital menu.

How does restaurant software work?

Restaurant software works like the brain that coordinates all the operations of a gastronomic business, from the first moment it opens its doors until the end of the day. 

Once the system is set up, servers can record customer orders (whether for dining room, home, or take out). This information is automatically recorded in the production control area (either the kitchen or the bar), where the production staff receives the information and prepares the diner's order.

In the dining area, the system plays an important role in providing an excellent, agile and error-free service when it comes to delivering the order and guaranteeing total customer satisfaction, also helping to offer exclusive benefits to reward and motivate their visit. to become a frequent customer.

In an automated way, all the information of the orders, the production and the visit of the clients is stored in the system to facilitate the administration of the restaurant, the control of the inventories, the control of costs, the purchases, the invoicing and all the tasks that are part of business management. 

We show you a graphic representation of this operation:


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    What functions does a software have to grow a restaurant?

    Although this system has various tools that facilitate control and communication between all areas of the establishment, we will present you which are the most important functions that will help you grow and why: 

    1. Point of sale

    The point of sale function is one of the most characteristic of a restaurant software, since it is the one that allows generating consumption tickets and making payments in the dining room, in drive thru or for home delivery quickly and efficiently to provide excellent customer service.

    Unlike a point of sale for any type of business, a point of sale for restaurants facilitates the development of specific operations in the sale of food and beverages, such as opening a table account, dividing the account among several diners, applying discounts, promotions, cancellations and control the table map.

    This module also helps to better control staff turnover, since it allows opening and closing shifts, configuring security profiles so that only the tasks assigned by the waiter can be carried out and checking the sales made per shift, among other options.

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    2. Production monitor

    We know that magic happens inside the kitchen that amazes the palates of your guests, but to be able to satisfy everyone in time and quality it is necessary to have tools that help you take full control of each preparation process, and This is where the production monitor comes in.

    This function shows the orders as they are lifted and identifies them by color depending on the time they have been in preparation, in addition to including the preparation comments (“without mayonnaise”, for example), the ingredients that make up the composite products and having sounds alert for when a new order arrives or when a product has already exceeded its preparation time. 

    Thanks to this, it allows total control over production to be able to produce more in less time, increasing the capacity of the business to serve more customers and grow without losing service or product quality.

    3. Restaurant management

    What is a restaurant software and how it helps to manage a restaurant bar cafeteria

    The growth of a restaurant implies thinking beyond the sales of the day, because in order to be successful in a highly competitive industry it is necessary to set objectives that help to obtain the maximum benefit at the minimum cost, which can be a difficult challenge to overcome. all if you are unfamiliar with restaurant management.

    This is where the administration function offered by a restaurant software becomes a necessary tool to systematize all the information of the operations carried out in the business (sales, purchases, inventories, orders, electronic invoicing, etc.) in order to generate consultation reports based on real data that help make the right decisions for the growth of the restaurant.

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    4. Inventory control

    This function is one of the most important to guarantee the success of a restaurant, since without a correct implementation of inventory control, you could be losing up to 30 percent of your profits due to wastage, loss or even theft.

    In a system for restaurants, inventory control allows to register suppliers, register the presentations of supplies, manage a minimum and maximum stock, record purchases, keep a precise control of recipes and generate reports of stocks and transfers warehouse, among other activities, guaranteeing total control over your products and with it the possibility of increasing your profits.

    5. Customer loyalty

    Ensuring diner satisfaction is a task that does not end when the delivered product is consumed, but rather requires significant communication and rewards work to stimulate their return in the short, medium and long term.

    Therefore, the loyalty function is essential in restaurant software so that each visit becomes a source of information about the service and consumer preferences, as well as a way to promote the return of visitors through exclusive benefits such as promotions, special discounts and electronic purse. 

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    Does my business need a restaurant system?

    Since its appearance in the restaurant sector until today, this technology has been nurtured with specialized tools to solve the different needs of restaurants, becoming an unfailing ally in restaurants that want to standardize their processes and obtain control total of the operation.

    Do you want to know how a restaurant software can help you grow your business in a short term? We invite you to request a free demo to learn about everything that this system has for you and discover if it is capable of helping you solve the challenges that currently arise in the industry.