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5 things that give a PLUS to your Restaurant

It doesn't matter if you have a fast food restaurant or one specialized in fine dining; what you surely want is to sell. And to sell more, you have to stand out from the competition. Have an added value that identifies you.

"If you want to sell more, don't do the same" - Losu Lazcoz

(Biologist by training and Master in Business Management and Marketing)

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in terms of economics, the added value is the "Increase in the value of a good as a result of a production or distribution process". That is, a characteristic that increases the value of your good or service. And for you to achieve that increase in value you must consider these five things:


In a study carried out by Cornell University, New York, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, it was shown that depending on the colors alters the attitude of consumption of people. Therefore, whether they eat at a faster pace and leave the establishment or relax and order larger quantities will largely depend on the setting you choose.

Even the famous restaurateur and star of the reality show Top Chef, Stephan Richter confirms in an interview for Entrepreneur that the success of your restaurant will vary depending on how creative you are with your space.


Take advantage of the high season and participate in the events organized in your city from gastronomic fairs to stands in markets. This gives you the possibility to reach both the local public and tourists. The more you participate in special events, the more you will become known.


More than 70% of our time is spent on an electronic device. 50% on the work computer and the rest, either on tablets or on our phone. Therefore, the vast majority of the information that we perceive daily is through them. So it is essential that your restaurant has an online presence.

In social networks; facebook, twitter and instagram, you can publicize your products, communicate your prices and offers and to share the ideology of your restaurant. In addition to being an effective form of customer service and an advertising platform, investing in Facebook Ads.

While on platforms such as TripAdvisor, where more than 300 million tourists consult in search of places to eat, you have the possibility of creating an impeccable profile of your restaurant. In this, your satisfied customers will leave good reviews, give you a star rating and position you before the whole world.


Power banks are portable power banks for mobile devices and it is a new strategy that some restaurants are employing, this new trend is known as proximity marketing.

Proximity marketing according to Uxxia, a consulting company, is the “distribution of content or relevant information through messages, multimedia, text, image, using mobile devices; a transmission that will be received by users who are located at a close distance from the issuing point ”.

What happens is that you offer this device to charge their mobile devices to your customers, and while they use it, they see the advertising they have. Therefore, in addition to being useful for them, they serve you as a commercial tool in which while they charge their cell phone, you subtly offer them a combo or the dish of the day.

Even if you offer simpler power banks, you would still be winning. Since the client will be grateful to be able to recharge their devices and you will be in their Top of Mind.




The internet has become one of the most important communication channels in our lives and every day it is more common that when arriving at a restaurant the first thing they do is ask for the wi-fi password and by not having it, you become an outdated restaurant.

But, quite apart from being or not at the forefront, free Wi-Fi could turn out to be a data collection tool with which you can find out what your diners like, based on the sites they enter . You could also make an exchange in which to connect to the network, in exchange they check-in on your restaurant's page.

Now that you know 5 things that give your restaurant a bonus, there is no excuse for not achieving success!