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online platforms to sell food at home

6 online platforms to sell food at home

Using an internet platform to sell food at home and to collect it has become essential for restaurants that seek to reach more customers every day. Would you like to know a complete overview of the various options that exist and what they offer for your business? Keep reading!

Currently there are two ways to offer your restaurant services on the internet:

  • Food delivery applications where your restaurant is part of an offer catalog for users of said applications (third-party service).
  • The own platforms that you incorporate as part of your own website or the application of your restaurant (own service).

Food delivery apps

Third-party applications function as an online catalog where restaurants register to publicize their products among users who are within the delivery area corresponding to their location, and generally include home delivery service through your delivery partners.

Among the best known applications in Latin America are:

Uber Eats

It is Uber's food delivery application and operates in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Brazil. 

To register your restaurant in this application, the company will ask you what are the conditions you want to deliver your products:

  • If you want to use the service of Uber's delivery partners, you will generate a commission of around 30 percent per order
  • If you prefer to use your own staff to make the deliveries, each order will generate a commission of around 15 percent.
  • You can also select the option to take out and allow customers to collect their own orders, but in the same way you will generate a commission of approximately 30 percent.


This application born in Colombia is present in countries such as Mexico (where more than half of its sales come from) Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

To be part of the Rappi catalog you must enter a special form, after which the company analyzes your information and contacts you. For privacy reasons, the platform does not publicly disclose the fees and commissions it charges its users, but according to some users y media commissions can range from 20 to 30 percent upon request.

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Without apron

To register your restaurant in this application you will need an online agreement and, after approval, the platform will be in charge of configuring your restaurant digitally. There are two plans through which you can join:

Basic plan:

  • Your restaurant is responsible for the delivery.
  • Approximate commission of 11 percent per order + VAT.
  • Additional 3.5 percent commission for orders that are paid online through the application.

Delivery Plan:

  • SinDelantal distributors deliver all the orders they accept at the premises.
  • Approximate commission of 25 percent per order + VAT.
  • Additional 3.5 percent commission for orders that are paid online through the application.


Didi food

To register your business in DiDi Food you must create a user on their website and register your restaurant in your administrator panel. The service fees are:

  • Commission of about 18 percent if your restaurant takes care of the distribution.
  • 30 percent commission if Didi Food delivers.

Order system online and ownown online ordering platform

The other way that is gaining ground among restaurants to obtain greater benefits when selling food online is the integration of our own online ordering system, either through custom development or a customizable platform. 

These systems are generally used when the restaurant is in charge of managing your home delivery, either through its own team or through an alliance with a service provider company for a fixed fee. These are some options you can find:

Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery, a customizable platform to sell food online

Customizable platforms generally function as a website or as an application for mobile devices, in which you can upload your products, add your logo and configure the colors of your brand to function as your own online store. 

An example of these is eDelivery, the platform for online food ordering at home and to take away from Soft Restaurant®, a Mexican brand specialized in the development of software for restaurants with a worldwide presence.

To contract e-Delivery you can choose a monthly or annual rental plan without having to pay any commission on request, except in the case of online payments with a bank card, for which 3.6 percent is required for the provider of this service.

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Custom developments

Another option to have your own system to receive orders online without depending on other applications is through the development of a specialized system in online commerce for your restaurant.

To do this, you will have to quote the service with an agency specialized in the development of online stores or, with a freelance developer, which may represent a highly expensive initial investment along with maintenance costs, depending on the complexity of the site you want.

Which platform is more convenient to sell food delivery and take out?

Now that you know different options to sell food at home and to take away online, it is time to consider which one can offer the best option to your restaurant to get the most out of each of your sales.

For this we invite you to download the Return on Investment Calculator to know the profitability offered by different platforms to sell food online.It is completely free!

roi calculator of selling food online