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6 risks of acquiring pirated restaurant software

6 risks of acquiring pirated restaurant software

Probably everyone who uses computers has installed a development "Pirate" sometime in his life. Although it may seem like a harmless action, if you run a food business and are considering using an illegal restaurant software license, be aware that you may be opening your business doors to a host of risks, from information theft to infringements. highly expensive legal. 

To help you get a better overview of this topic, in this article we have compiled the six main risks that you can face if you acquire an illegal restaurant system.

1. Bugs and errors in the operation of the development

If you have already used a development Without an original license, you have probably already suffered an unexpected failure, or are close to suffering it. 

This is because software illegal are often modified to prevent authenticity verifications of the installed version, but these modifications usually reduce system performance and bring operating errors, for example, not being able to connect your printers to print your commands or not being able to make your cuts of box.

On the contrary, with a legal license, in addition to that you will have a guarantee of stable operation, if the development presents any failure or damage, the developer will always provide different alternatives for technical support and attention to ensure the correct operation of your system.

2. Lack of support, guarantees and after-sales service

Most of the illegal activations do not offer the after-sales service of the product, which includes the support service, attention to doubts, guarantees and training, services that are essential to ensure proper operation of a system development y hardware.

This implies that if there is an operational failure or a configuration error, you will not have the advice of the experts who have developed this system to solve it, if not you will have to do it on your own, which can be extremely complex if you do not have technical knowledge in computer science or, even lead to more serious failures that end up breaking your system completely.

Another option that you would have would be to contact the pirate supplier that originally sold you the product, but here you will not have warranty policies or service protocols to help you get the best solution in a fair and legal way, in addition to the fact that generally the providers of this type of licenses tend to disappear after a while so as not to be found by the law.

3. Vulnerability in the security of your restaurant


The use of unlicensed systems is one of the main threats to the digital security of a restaurant, since they usually have limitations associated with security tools, which increases the risk of internal misuse of your information or, of an external agent invades your devices or business networks.

For example, many software Pirate restaurateurs do not have important security tools such as anti-fraud alerts, which take care of send by email notifications of risky actions carried out in the system (reprints of accounts, cancellations and reopens of accounts, cancellations of products in accounts, etc.), which can increase the risk of misappropriation in your business.

4. Virus attacks and malwares

The software unlicensed or “cracks”For activating or unlocking a license can be used as bait to induce users to run malicious programs without realizing it, since these programs are often downloaded from networks that do not guarantee the origin of the files.

If you install a development pirate in your restaurant, you run the risk of activating a virus like the Trojans or Spybot, which could cause irreparable consequences for your team or allow cybercriminals to spy on you, steal your confidential information and gain backdoor access to your system (for example, deleting, blocking, modifying and copying data or disrupting the operation of your computer networks).

5. Higher repair costs

If the main reason for installing a development Pirate in your restaurant is cost savings, the truth is that fixing the problems that a program like this can cause on your computer comes to mean a greater monetary cost than you would have invested in an original license.

This is because, as we have mentioned, installing a development illegal on your computer makes it more prone to cyber attacks that can affect its operation and performance, so in the long run, the costs to restore the system exceed the investment cost of an original license widely.

On the other hand, not having had the appropriate support service to adequately resolve any situation can lead you to take actions that seriously damage the system, forcing you to contract elevated third-party services and even so, not solving the problem one hundred percent.

6. High legal infractions

people suffering

Although it may seem difficult to be discovered, anyone who detects the use of development Pirate by your restaurant could report it and put you in trouble, since the property rights of the company that developed the original licenses are being violated.

For example, in Mexico the law establishes the application of fines of up to three thousand days of minimum wage or administrative penalties of five thousand to ten thousand days of minimum wage. In addition to that, violating the copyright of a computer program can be penalized with detention from six months to six years.

The economic impact that a conviction for an infraction like this can cause can hit your restaurant in such a way that it even makes it impossible for you to continue with your operation.

Get legal restaurant software!

As you can see, the consequences of install a development Pirate restaurateur can cost you a much higher price that the investment that would require a legal license, which, in addition to guaranteeing proper operation, support and security for your business, will help you avoid corporate image problems, provide greater confidence to your customers and allow you to enjoy the peace of mind of having everything in order.

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