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7 reasons to implement a software in a restaurant this 2021

7 reasons to implement a software in a restaurant this 2021

In the last five years, restaurant software has gained ground in more than 80 percent of restaurants in countries like the United States, helping to improve business efficiency and offer a more satisfying experience for diners.


Today, faced with a new reality that demands the digital transformation of all sectors, software is more necessary than ever in a restaurant. Do you want to know why? Here we list some of the main reasons for you!

 1. Increase restaurant productivity

Un restaurant software provides the ability to know what are the real production rates in a business, for example, the time it takes for kitchen staff to produce a series of orders or the time it takes to pick up an order in the dining area.

With this, it helps to verify that the time and efforts that the staff invest in each process are the most appropriate for the business to operate at its maximum level of productivity and contributing to the business profitability increase, without compromising quality or efficiency.

2. Improve the customer experience

By increasing productivity and reducing manual task times, a restaurant software allows the restaurant staff to dedicate themselves to providing a first level service, agile and without errors, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the diners.

This system has special tools that help enrich the customer experience, both in dining room service (for example, through digital menus, QR menus y self-service kiosks), as for order online service at home, to make your reservations or to choose the payment method of your choice (cash, card, transfer or electronic purse, for example).

In addition, today systems help to know how the customer's experience was (what they liked, what they did not like) to help you improve as much as possible, as well as to promote loyalty through courtesies or birthday promotions , accumulative points for visits and exclusive benefits for frequent customers.

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3. Helps standardize processes to grow

Why software is necessary in a restaurant

The restaurant software is responsible for systematizing in a sequential order all the tasks that are necessary for the restaurant to operate correctly, helping to carry out a total control of daily operation and standardize processes so that the restaurant can grow successfully.

In addition, by connecting all the areas of the restaurant in the same system, it allows maintaining fluid communication to respond quickly and efficiently to any unexpected situation.

4. Reduce losses due to losses, errors and returns

Tools such as restaurant software allow recipes to be created and standardized precisely to avoid waste during food preparation.

It also helps to identify what the minimum and maximum sets of each ingredient are based on their entry and exit rates to precisely control purchases, ensuring that replenishments arrive when they are needed, but without the risk of excess inventory that may affect the expiration date or the quality of the products.

The reliability of the order records helps in turn to avoid errors in the delivery of orders that generate the return, thus becoming a complete tool for reducing food waste in a restaurant.

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5. Provides greater security and reduces ant theft

Reasons to implement a software in a restaurant

Also, a system for restaurants makes all the transactions carried out in the business transparent, allowing the identification of cases in which unusual amounts are registered that may generate some risk. Some even have anti-fraud alerts that are activated when an irregularity occurs in the system.

In addition, with restaurant software in place, business owners, managers and leaders can keep a close eye on inventory, helping to understand which ingredients are present and which are missing to identify if ant theft has occurred and take the necessary steps to correct it.

Another way in which this system contributes to restaurant safety are security profiles, which allow greater control over the functions that employees can perform during their working hours.

6. Facilitates restaurant management

Carrying out the administration of a restaurant can be a complex task, but with restaurant software the person responsible for this area can have all the information on sales, inventories, purchases, suppliers, payroll, billing and more at their fingertips.

If you are in charge of managing a gastronomic business, you have surely encountered difficulties when preparing your monthly or annual results reports, and this is where a restaurant software can help you get all the information what do you need in a practical and reliable way.

This tool is responsible for generating reports with data on sales, visits, average customer consumption, movement of products sold, product consumption and inventories, either periodically (weekly, monthly or annually) or in real time in the case of some systems.

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7. Helps to reduce costs

Lowering costs is one of the main objectives of restaurant managers and operators of all types, and restaurant software is an ideal tool to achieve this through cost savings on inventory losses, decreased payroll expenses intended for manual tasks and increased productivity.

In addition to this, this technology helps to identify how to adapt the menu to avoid unaffordable expenses in emergency situations such as the one experienced during 2020 by the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to offering facilities to develop new services or business models such as sale of food online and promotions that allow reaching the sales levels necessary to continue operating and generate profitability.

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Still don't have a restaurant software?

As you can see, software has become an indispensable tool for restaurant businesses today to carry out successful administration, reduce costs, increase productivity, keep up with new consumer trends and significantly improve the experience of customers. customers, among many other benefits.

Still not so sure what your restaurant needs in 2021? Do not be left with the doubt and discover in this quiz if it is time to implement a restaurant software in your business.It will only take a few minutes!

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