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7 reasons why you should update your restaurant software

7 reasons why you should update your restaurant software

Is it worth updating your software restaurateur? If you bought a system in your business some time ago, you probably have doubts about whether to update it or not once a new version comes out.

To help you make the best decision, in this article we will present seven reasons why updating your system will be necessary in order to continue taking advantage of its full potential in your restaurant and remain the favorite option among your customers.

1. Be at the forefront of consumer trends

An outdated system will not have adequate tools to solve the new needs of your consumers. Instead, a software An updated restaurateur already integrates functionalities and tools that will help you keep up to date with market trends and respond quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing the satisfaction of each order and with it, the increase of your income.

For example, between 2020 and 2021, new consumer trends emerged that have changed the day-to-day operation in restaurants, such as delivery and take-away orders. online and delivery applications, dishes to prepare at home, terrace service and digitization of menus. All this means that today more than ever it is necessary to have a software updated.

2. Growth of your restaurant

If in the last season your business has grown or you have the objective of expanding in the short, medium or long term, updating your restaurant system to a more recent version will allow you take full control of the new dynamics of your restaurant, in addition to offering you a wider range of possibilities to meet the new needs that growth entails.

3. Improvements to the software restaurateur that facilitate the operation

Updates to restaurant management systems include new features or improve existing ones based on feedback and requests from users, new market trends or the development of technology itself, in addition to correcting errors that have occurred in previous versions.

Therefore, having an updated version will will guarantee that your system will be offering you more complete tools and it will work optimally so that you obtain total control of your business, facilitating your operations, increasing your productivity and solving the most common problems that arise in your restaurant.

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4. Greater compatibility with programs and access to the cloud

New platforms and cloud services emerge every day that can help you improve the different areas of your restaurant, for example, Ordatic, a platform that helps you automate orders from delivery applications such as Uber, Rappi and Didi Food , among other.

Therefore, staying up-to-date will allow your system to be compatible with new or updated programs, operating systems. and cloud services that will help you streamline and optimize your operations. In addition, with greater compatibility, fewer errors and crashes will occur when using your system.

5. Access to support and attention service

Have an updated version of your software The restaurateur will give you access to the support, maintenance and attention to doubts by the experts that make up the after-sales service team (as long as your supplier has this service), as well as guarantees and repairs in accordance with established protocols that will help you to keep your system and your equipment in optimal conditions.

Instead, use a version of a software An out-of-the-market restaurant owner means lacking a support or support service, since generally the process of discontinuing an old version of a system includes stopping the support service associated with the product.

Due, You will not be able to make technical or functionalities inquiries software by any means, in addition to the fact that you will not have the support of experts in cases where you need to recover your data, back up your information or fix your files and databases.

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6. Technological evolution of devices

Reasons why you need to update your restaurant software

Technology evolves roughly every two years according to Moore's Law, so it is common after this time for devices and operating systems to slow down, have more bugs, and are eventually discontinued.

Therefore, the new versions of the software restaurateurs are designed to operate on devices and systems in current use, which will guarantee that your software it will be able to work without errors.

On the other hand, stick with a software outdated on devices with discontinued systems (for example, Windows 7 or versions prior to Android 5.0), it can put your information storage or business operation at risk since they will not have the support of developers in case of any error.

7. More accessible rental plans

One of the preferred payment methods in recent times are rental or subscription plans, as they allow you to use the functionalities offered by a product or service for the time it is going to be used without having to make a highly expensive initial investment, including its many benefits.

Therefore, the most up-to-date versions of restaurant systems offer monthly and annual rental plans that are more accessible for a business, especially in times of pandemic where income from month to month can vary considerably.

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Make up your mind to update your software restaurateur!

As you can see, having an updated version of a software The restaurateur will help you to have the tools, functionalities and capacities necessary to meet the new demands of your customers, improve the operation of your restaurant, increase security and guarantee successful growth, among many other aspects.
If you would like to update your system or purchase a recent version of a good software For restaurants, we invite you to request a quote for Soft Restaurant® 10, a version specially designed to provide restaurants with everything they need to grow this 2021.