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8 signs you need restaurant software

8 signs you need restaurant software

If you've heard about the usefulness of having a software for restaurants, but you still don't know if it is what your business really needs, in this article we have listed eight signs that will help you identify the areas of opportunity where this technology can help you solve the most common problems and thus be able to grow successfully .

 Signal 1: Problems in inventory control

Some of the most common problems in restaurants are related to inventory control, either by:

  • Make purchases of more that lead to the generation of waste.
  • Insufficient purchase that leads to shortages.
  • Disorganized practices to carry out physical inventories that lead to losses due to loss or theft.

If any of these problems arise in your business, it is a sign that it is time to consider integrating a software restaurant owner, as this system has specialized functions for get full control over inventories, supplies, presentations, physical inventory, recipe costing, warehouse control, stock and movement reports, stocks product minimums and maximums, which are also automatically updated as the sales of your dishes are registered.

Signal 2: The accounts don't add up

Keeping a daily, weekly and monthly report of your sales is a first step to take control of your restaurant, but at the end of the period the recorded income does not match what you actually have, then you may be losing more money than you can see. 

To prevent situations like this, a software for restaurants allows you to avoid capture errors and is responsible for systematizing all sales information, as well as keeping control over costs (production, payroll, taxes, etc.) and generating exhaustive reports easily and reliably to facilitate administration of the business.

Sign 3: You don't know how much you really earn per product

Not knowing how much money it costs to prepare a product or how much the price of each ingredient used has changed can lead to investing too much in the production of very expensive products that can hardly be sold at a price that is profitable for the business and accessible to the ideal consumer.

To have a menu with products that integrate price and quality with profitability, the best software for restaurants have recipe costing functions, which allow to know how much each dish costs and how much profit is generating.

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Sign 4: You have a lot of staff turnover

Avoid employee turnover with restaurant software

A common problem in the sector is the low durability of the staff, who in many cases leave their position within a few weeks of starting and leave the business in despair because they cannot find people to work. 

One of the reasons why this happens is that in most cases they are not provided with the necessary tools to carry out their tasks properly and this is where the software The restaurateur plays a key role because he functions as a guide to carry out the work in a practical and effective way.

In addition, it allows you to free your staff from time-consuming manual tasks and train in best practices that help provide better customer service and increasing the profitability of the business, which helps promote growth and retention of staff.

Sign 5: Sales are not growing

If you go long periods without seeing an increase in sales, it is a sign that you are probably not implementing the most convenient business strategies to make your business truly profitable.

Faced with this situation, a software restaurateur is ideal for get key information to boost your sales, for example, about which are your best-selling products and which would be better to eliminate, as well as to generate promotions and special menus that help you attract new diners and frequent customer cards to promote loyalty and increase the average ticket, among others. aspects.

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Signal 6: You receive complaints about the home service

If you frequently receive complaints about mistakes in the delivery of your shipments at home, excessive delay in delivery time or simply your clients at home do not order again, is a sign that you need a system that helps you better control this type of service, which is essential in post-pandemic times.

Here the software The restaurateur will be a key ally to offer a first class home delivery service, as it will allow you to capture orders without errors, have better control over delivery people by area and delivery times, record the data of your customers and save the history of their orders to know their preferences and offer them promotions and discounts that boost your home sales and promote loyalty, among many other aspects.

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Sign 7: You have suffered ant theft or unjustified losses

Avoid losses with restaurant software

If you suffer unjustified losses of cash at the cash register, inventory products, crockery and utensils or already prepared food, it is very likely that thefts are occurring in your restaurant, and if you do not take action from now on you may be losing up to the 35 percent of your income without realizing it.

Reducing this incidence or even eradicating it completely can easily be done with the help of a software management system for restaurants, as this system has security features that help create transparency in all your transactions.

In addition to password settings, the use of fingerprints and anti-fraud alerts in real time and at the end of the shift to help you prevent both external and internal theft, this system allows you to keep a control over everything that happens during a shift and compare the records with your inventories, purchases and various areas to identify the shortcomings and take the necessary actions to correct them.

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Sign 8: You want to grow

If your dream is to open more branches of your restaurant or turn it into a successful franchise in a short time, you must first make a complete systematization model so that the business can operate without you, as well as to become a potential brand.

One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to implement a software for restaurants, as this system allows  standardize all the tasks that are part of the restaurant operation and it will offer you analysis and reporting functions to guarantee a correct operation and the success of the sales.

Implement a software in your restaurant!

If your restaurant has sent you one or more of the signals mentioned above, it is time to take the next step and acquire a system that will help you solve the problems that currently arise in a practical and effective way.

To help you make the best decision, we invite you to take an advice online free where you can answer all your questions and find out what are the specific tools that your business needs. You just have to click here below!

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