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9 functions that Soft Restaurant® offers to your restaurant

9 functions that Soft Restaurant® offers to your restaurant

If like many restaurateurs you have already heard about Soft Restaurant®, but it is still not clear what it is software The restaurateur can do for you, in this article we have listed nine special functions that will show you why it will be the best option to take your business to the next level.

1. Security

One of the most important concerns of a restaurant is the security of its information and its assets, which is why Soft Restaurant® offers functions specially designed to protect the business from any attempt to theft or misuse of data, such as:

  • Security profiles with restricted access according to the role of the collaborator.
  • Access and security events via fingerprint.
  • System log analysis by user.
  • Passwords and user blocking for failed attempts.
  • Safeguarding of cash.

2. Access to your information in real time

Soft Restaurant® has specialized functions to provide you with valuable information in real time, from sending box cuts by email, to notifying alerts of stock minimum and the existence of products in the system commander, consult reports from a Whatsapp mobile and anti-fraud alerts.

3. Inventory control

Keeping inventories correctly is one of the most time-consuming and expensive tasks for a restaurant, so this system has developed several functions that help improve productivity and obtain a full control over all areas and operations that are part of this process, as they are:

  • Recipe costing
  • Purchase orders for minimum and maximum stock
  • Product explosion (for events that require the preparation of large quantities of products)
  • Calculation of inputs consumed
  • Processed inputs
  • Printing of purchases, movements and inventories in ticket format.
  • Stock reports.

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4. Quick service

To help you serve more customers in a lesser amount of time, this solution has a quick service feature, which allows you to assign quick access buttons to your best-selling products, add counter products (for example, remembrances and crafts or other types of products) and self-fill account balances that are paid with different methods.

In addition, you can integrate accessories such as turrets, barcode reader and cash drawer so that your fast service is efficient, agile and without errors.

5. Dining room service

Soft Restaurant brings together various tools to help you provide a first-class dining service, such as the table map, which allows you to visualize the arrangement of the tables in the restaurant, know the consumption of each table and the time that has elapsed since the account was opened.

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The system also has a window called "comandero", designed for the use of waiters and where you can assign the shortcuts of your products with more movement.

In the last system version, the dining room service function also allows you to collect bills through Mercado Pago and Sr. Pago for customers who prefer to make their payment without cash; manage your commission agents and reservations; and notify your servers when an order is finalized (if you have the production monitor and mobile commander)

6. Home service

By acquiring your Soft Restaurant® license you will be able to count on the home service function, which allows you to register your orders for immediate shipping schedule orders with different delivery times, as well as assigning dispatchers by zones and adding comments on the ticket (which will help your servers to know if they have to carry change in cash or the terminal), among its many tools.

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7. Digital vouchers

invoice ticket

Soft Restaurant® has the CDFI 3.3 billing scheme, which facilitates the configuration of your billing concept, including the breakdown of products, the option to print your receipt in ticket and make payment complements, among other aspects. 

Furthermore, the last version This system includes the self-billing option, which allows your customers to bill their ticket online from a url or a QR code within the effective days you set or at the end of the month, even if you manage multiple branches.

8. Personnel administration

Soft Restaurant® offers you an attendance control that will allow you to take the control of entrances and exits of your restaurant staff and generate attendance report by period, by shift or by employee, which includes the number of hours elaborated with the employee's password and his name.

It also allows you to control the consumption of personnel on credit through the accounts receivable function, register personnel withdrawals without having to delete all their information and receive birthday reports to congratulate your collaborators and make them feel part of the business. .

9 Control of expenses

To facilitate the management of your business, this software It has specific functions to keep track of expenses (including the types of expenses, their password and description) and takes care of reflect the information recorded in the daily policy of your accounting.

In addition, it will help you to keep track and automated control of your accounts receivable, accounts payable, supplier balances and purchase credits, among its many tools.

Implement Soft Restaurant® in your business!

These are just some of the functions that you will have at your disposal when acquiring your Soft Restaurant® license and that make it software in the favorite of the gastronomic businesses of Mexico and Latin America.

Additionally, this system has add-ons (special accessories) designed to increase the potential of specific areas of a restaurant, such as the mobile comandero, the self-service kiosk, the Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery platform, e-Menu QR and the digital menu.
If you want to invest in the future of your business to grow successfully this 2021, we invite you to request a quote for Soft Restaurant® 10 by clicking here below.