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Why Selling Food Online Helps A Restaurant Grow

Why Selling Food Online Helps A Restaurant Grow

With no wasted time on long phone calls and increased consumer safety, selling food online has become the ideal choice for many restaurants to reach more customers and increase revenue in the new normal.

If you are still wondering why it would be convenient to bring the services of your restaurant to the field online and, here we present you six reasons why you should join this meteoric rising market.

1. Increased demand for online food orders

El increasing access to technology and the internet in Latin America has contributed to consumers use more digital platforms to order food for home and take away, beyond the traditional phone calls.

Since 2019, Statista Digital Market Outlook announced that the food order market online and would go on to generate significant income in several Latin American countries, either through restaurant services or through home delivery applications.


The arrival of Covid-19 in early 2020 only contributed to further increase this trend. According a study conducted by the AMVO, services related to Internet food delivery were the most benefited by social distancing measures in Mexico and Latin America, the first being the country where online food orders increased 100 to 300 percent.

2. The new generations buy more on the internet


According to the (AMVO), millennials consume the most online. On the other hand, centennials (born between 1994 to 2010) perform the most purchases from your smartphones, so you buy them online and and the reviews of other users influence this generation even more.

It is estimated that by 2028 both groups will represent close to 70 percent of the world's population, so it is important that you start today to create the ideal sales channel for them in your restaurant.

3. It is a new sales channel for your restaurant

Before the arrival of Covid-19, most restaurants depended on their sales on dining room service and only one in 20 establishments He had what he needed to be able to offer the service at home or to pick up (much less to do it online).

After the strong impact of the pandemic, the arrival of the “new normal” and the increase in orders online and food delivery, having an online sales channel has proven to be a necessity both to face the loss of sales in the dining room, and to increase the profits of the restaurants in the short and long term.

Please note that because consumers have had a positive experience with the digital channel during this pandemic, confidence in the online shopping process has had a significant increase that you should know how to take advantage of in your restaurant.

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4. Less time investment and increased responsiveness


Faced with the increase in home delivery and take away orders, many restaurants have found themselves in the situation of not having enough resources, infrastructure or optimized procedures to meet new market demand.

For example, if your restaurant still receives orders by phone call, the personnel who answer these calls lose more than two minutes in presenting the menu, special promotions, writing down the address and registering the order in the system (not counting the time of indecision it may take to place the order).

Through a food vending system online and, this time translates to less than 2 seconds, since all the above is done by the customer himself and only at the end of the order is the order automatically registered in the restaurant's system.

This enables far superior responsiveness to manual order records and, therefore, an increase in the sales capacity of a restaurant.

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5. Online payments are indispensable in the new normal


Have a sales channel online and gives you the advantage of offer various payment options for your customers, who can choose whether they prefer to pay online or pay at the time of delivery.

The truth is that many consumers prefer to pay online for the ease and speed with which they can make their purchases on the internet, either by bank card, PayPal or even through coupons or special promotions.

In addition, it is one of the most recommended measures in the reactivation of restaurants in the post Covid-19 era, since it allows avoid contact with cash or a bank terminal

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6. Helps you avoid human errors in order capture

Selling food through an online platform ensures that the customer's order is registered in your system exactly how he made it, preventing a different product from arriving than the one requested. 

By automatically generating a record of customer transactions, you can guarantee the security of their purchase and, if there is a problem, it allows you to quickly identify it and resolve it to the satisfaction of both parties.

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Learn more about the reasons why selling food online will help your restaurant grow in this video!

Get ready today to sell food online and increase your restaurant profits

As you have seen, sell food online will allow your restaurant to grow and increase its profits in a safe way by increasing its capacity to meet new market demands.

If you are interested in knowing how you can implement your own system to sell food onlineWe recommend that you subscribe to our blog to receive news and relevant content every week to achieve it successfully. Get ready to increase the sales of your restaurant!