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How Mítica innovated its customers' experience with Soft Restaurant®

How Mítica innovated its customers' experience with Soft Restaurant®

Mythical is a restaurant specialized in the preparation of hamburgers that began in January 2020 as a small place in the city of Mérida, Yucatán. The purpose of being more than fast food It led them not only to develop products recognized for their freshness and high quality, but also to innovate in their processes and services to create a memorable experience for their customers.

In this special article, we will introduce you to how this business integrated cutting-edge technology from the hand of Soft Restaurant® to grow successfully over the course of a year, today having two branches in the busiest area of ​​the city and more than 20 people as part of your team.

How was the beginning of Mítica?

Mítica started in a 2x4 meter store with three hamburgers for sale: the Fired onion, classical and Mythical (the flagship and best-selling product). To date, its menu consists of seven hamburgers and the entrees section "To snack", in which they have five more products, in addition to the beverage section.

According to Abraham Josué Durán Solís, Manager of the branch located on García Lavín avenue, the main problems that arose when the Mítica project began focused on the conducting inventories, product costing and accounting.

“The first months we were trying to operate with another system, but it was very basic, it was only a point of sale, we could charge, we could get reports on how many products we had sold, but we could not inventory, we could not record our supplies, purchases, pay, everything had to be separate, and because of the experience that I had before with Soft Restaurant®, I suggested that we change to a better operating system ”, said the branch manager.

Both the business owner and Durán Solís had already worked with Soft Restaurant® in other establishments, so they knew the convenience and need to use a system like this in Mítica.

What Soft Restaurant® products have you implemented in the restaurant?

In addition to incorporating Soft Restaurant® in two points of sale for service in the dining room, quick service and at home, Mítica has implemented other technologies aimed at reducing operating times, improving the efficiency of its production and enriching the experience of its customers, such as:

Production monitors

Success story Soft Restaurant 2021 Mitica Hamburger restaurant kitchen monitor

Mítica has several production monitors in which the orders captured from the point of sale are reflected instantly, speeding up order preparation time.

"The fact that the kitchen is connected to the cash register and that we do not have to pass physical orders helps a lot to the operational issue because it reduces the times in which a hamburger comes out," said Durán Solís.

Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery online ordering platform

Success story Soft Restaurant 2021 Mitica Hamburger restaurant e Delivery

Mítica has its own Soft Restaurant® platform eDelivery, specialized in order management online at home and to pick up, modality that has gained ground among consumers in the last year.

“Sometimes because of the rush we cannot answer the phone and the application of eDelivery It has helped us a lot because the orders are already falling, literally. We no longer have to take about 10 minutes to take an order, ask for a name, address, telephone number ... all that comes when the client registers ”, indicated the Branch Manager.

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The Ordatic platform integrated into Soft Restaurant® for ordering delivery apps

To adapt to the new model of home sales, Mítica incorporated into its Ordatic system, a tool that allows registering the orders received through third-party applications - such as Rappi, UberEats and Didi - in the software restaurateur automatically.

“Sometimes we would stand up to three hours entering all the Rappi's, because it was something you had to do manually, and the Ordatic platform has helped us a lot because the Rappi order is already automatic. All we have to do is print and that, in operational matters, has also reduced a lot of time ”.

During the pandemic, diner attendance at the establishment fell more than 70 percent, while online orders through the e-Delivery platform and third-party delivery applications grew by up to 300 percent, according to with Durán Solís.

Self-service kiosk

With the economic reactivation, Mítica incorporated a new ingredient to its establishment to offer a faster and safer service for diners: the self-service kiosk from Soft Restaurant®.

This is one of the special add-ons of the new version of this software restaurateurSoft Restaurant® 10), and allows diners to know the menu in detail, capture their order, print their ticket and pay for it directly through Mercado Pago or at the cash desk with cash or card.

What have been the main benefits of using Soft Restaurant®?

Today Mítica is one of the gastronomic businesses that has best known how to take advantage of the tools that Soft Restaurant® offers, from the traditional point of sale, inventory control and recipe costing, to the use of innovative platforms to receive and manage online orders, among much more.

Among the main benefits of using this restaurant system, Abraham Josué highlights the following:

Reduce waiting times and increase sales

Among the main benefits of using Soft Restaurant®, Abraham Josué highlights the reduction of waiting times for customers, in addition to saving a lot of manual labor hours.

Currently Mítica has two cash outlets, to which is added the self-service kiosk and the ordering platform. online Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery, which together contribute to providing an agile and efficient service for customers.

“By reducing the time it takes to take the order, we have a better chance of serving more people. Thanks to the system is that we don't have long lines in our dining room or in our main point of sale, and due to the ease of the system and its versatility, it has helped us a lot to be able to serve more people, and that helps us increase sales ”.

Know the real percentage of profit per product

Since the implementation of the system, Mítica has "prescribed" all its hamburgers and products, and thanks to the cost calculation functions that the system performs based on the latest purchases of supplies, managers and managers can know for sure how much each dish is having a hard time preparing.

"It helps us to see in real time how much it costs us to make a hamburger today, based on the costs that we make in the system we can know how much the price of the hamburger is and how much use we have".

Know the real situation of the business

Success story Soft Restaurant 2021 Mitica Hamburger restaurant reports

The most common reports used in Mítica are X and Z cash outages to know sales by shifts and full time, but the system also helps them to know the products sold per day, per week and per month.

“It helps us a lot because we average how many hamburgers and how many products from the section To chop We sell by the week, and based on these averages we place our weekly orders ”.

Another benefit that Mítica has obtained from the system is to know precisely what percentage of total sales corresponds to food and beverages and in which area these operations were carried out, facilitating the accounting of the company.

"Taking the reports from past months we can see in a percentage how much the sale of a month increased, if this month we did better in the dining room, if we did better with home sales or in platform sales".

In global terms, the Branch Manager highlights that the system has facilitated the operational, administrative and accounting management of the company, contributing significantly to its growth as a company.

"The system is our greatest tool, is the one that dictates where to go. Based on reports, it tells us how much we have to order, how much we have in stock, how much it is costing us in the current time to make the hamburger ... the truth is that it has been a fairly complete tool with a gigantic utility " , he highlighted.

Integrate Soft Restaurant® in your restaurant too!

As you can see, Soft Restaurant® is a comprehensive solution to improve the operation and management of all areas of a restaurant, so if you also want to reduce waiting times in your business and provide an agile, effective and efficient service first level, we invite you to request a free online consultation to learn about everything that this system can do for your business. You just have to click below!


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