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Benefits of selling food online with your own platform

A way that is gaining ground among restaurants to obtain greater benefits when selling food online and is integration of an order system online and own, for which there are options for both web platforms and mobile applications.  

Some main benefits that this modality offers to your restaurant are:

 1. Savings of thousands of pesos in commissions

By having your own ordering system online and No longer will you have to rely on third-party applications and their variable commission rates per order, which can represent more than 30 percent of your revenue on each sale.

Currently you can acquire your own platform with a monthly or annual rental service, as is the case of Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery, which for a fixed subscription offers you all the necessary tools to sell food online and it allows you to keep the highest percentage of income.

2. Full control over delivery

An advantage of having your own platform and your cast team is that you can have the control of delivery and quality of service, since you have the option of adequately training your staff to guarantee safe delivery and verify that the order complies with what the customer asked for to enrich their experience and maintain their loyalty.

In addition, you can freely choose your delivery areas, without limiting yourself to the area designated by third-party applications.

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3. Ease of accepting various payment methods

With its own order platform online and your customers can choose the payment method that is most convenient for them, either with a bank card or with cash on delivery, so you don't have to depend solely on the apps to be able to offer this facility in your restaurant.

4. Improve the customer experience and promote loyalty

An important benefit that other third-party applications do not offer you is that you allows you to interact directly with your customers, have their registration data and keep an order history for each user, which will help you better understand the consumption preferences of your menu, implement effective promotions and promote increased loyalty. 

5. Take away food service in addition to home delivery

advantages and disadvantages of selling takeaway food online through your own platform

An own order system online and It is not limited to boosting your door-to-door sales, as is the case with most third-party applications, but you can also use it to boost your takeaway service (Take away).

Given the restriction of capacity and preventive isolation measures, take away food has had a greater boom among customers who prefer to pick up their order instead of ordering it at home, either by saving the cost of shipping, to ensure hygiene during the journey or as a recreational option to go out for a drive.

In addition, this modality does not require an investment in the costs of the delivery service, so it can be implemented even as a pilot phase for restaurants that are starting their sales online and they don't have their own cast yet.

6. Ease of keeping track of your online sales in multiple branches

If you have multiple branches, an ordering system online and Its own allows you to integrate all your information on the sales that are made in each one so that you can consult your reports and obtain information of importance for decision-making.

Lookos important things to consider:

To get the most out of an ordering system online and You must bear in mind that a large part of the task depends on you, and that you will have to invest some resources to spread it and attract more clients. Some important aspects to keep in mind are:

The positioning and reach of your platform depends on you

reach and positioning when selling food online with its own ordering platform

With your own platform, the positioning and scope of your services on the internet depend on you, so you will have to invest time to properly personalize it with the elements of your brand, for example:

  • Upload your logo in high resolution and with the appropriate format.
  • Add good photos of your products.
  • Choose the colors that go best with the visual identity of your business.

A well-implemented platform with your brand identity can help you attract a greater number of customers, who will be able to trust that your dishes will be delivered with the same attention and detail.

Another aspect that you should take into account is the dissemination of your platform on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, both organically (through posts, stories and the button with a direct link to your platform) and through paid ads.

Although this may represent an initial investment, you will see that the income you will get through the increase your online sales they will cover the costs without problem. In addition, you will be able to measure the result obtained from your advertising investments.

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Necessary investment in your delivery service

With this modality it will be necessary invest in the implementation and improvement of your home service, which you can integrate into your operating costs as it is a fixed monthly amount, unlike the commissions that can go up or down without you being able to foresee it.

Commission charge on card payments

Generally ordering systems online and own include a charge of about 3.6 percent commission on orders paid by debit or credit card by the provider of this banking service.

Make up your mind to sell food online with your own ordering platform!

Now that you know the main benefits of having your own online ordering platform, we invite you to try Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery, a system that offers you more tools than any other for a subscription in monthly or annual rent, in addition to having special promotions to support the restaurant sector during the Covid-19 contingency.

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