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Buy vs. rent a restaurant software, which one is best for me?

Buy vs. rent a restaurant software, which one is best for me?

If you have already realized that you need a software restaurant owner in your business, but you still don't know what is the best way to buy it, in this article we will list the most important points that you should take into account.

 Buy or rent?

The first thing to keep in mind is that what you are going to acquire is the license of a software, that is, a program for a compatible computer or device. In the market, software for restaurants are distributed mainly in two ways: The purchase of a single license and the monthly and annual rental plans.

To find out which is the best for you, we will present you what each of these routes offers:

Buy a single license of a restaurant software

Buying a point of sale or a software for restaurants consists of acquiring a single license that is installed on the server equipment (the computer). This method worked for many years, offering the advantage of a single investment in the software that could last a lifetime

However, the rapid advancement of technology has caused programs to require continuous updating, something that the permanent license can no longer offer, causing its functions not to respond to new needs in the same way that other more current licenses do.

In addition, currently the developers of the most recommended restaurant software no longer use this type of format to distribute their licenses. Therefore, if you come across a license like this, they are probably offering you a very old program  (two years back), with bugs (bugs) and with outdated functions.

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Acquire a software restaurant owner in rental plan

Acquiring a restaurant software rental plan a viable option for business

Un software A restaurant owner in a rental plan works as a subscription service, that is, they offer access to their product or service by paying a fixed charge periodically

According to a study by the consulting firm Gartner, in the last seven years the subscription economy has grown more than one 300 percent, demonstrating the relevance of this type of model today, especially for users who prefer personalized services according to their needs and in the period of time that suits you best, instead of acquiring an expensive license that you cannot use later. 

The most common system rental plans for restaurants are:

Monthly rental plan 

One of the options to start enjoying a software The restaurant owner in your business is the monthly rent, which consists of renting the product for a fixed monthly fee and without a minimum term of duration.

This plan is recommended for startups and food businesses looking to grow and start to keep a real control over their operations, their expenses, their sales and their inventories, but that do not have enough investment for a total payment in advance, but that they can cover for a not so high payment month after month.

  • It keeps you updated with the latest versions and improvements made from customer feedback.
  • It allows you to deduct your income as part of your expenses in the monthly declaration that you make before the tax administration agencies.
  • It allows you to make changes to the data of your system in case any aspect of your business changes.

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Annual rental plan

The annual income plan consists of acquiring the product for a period of 12 months, giving in advance a fixed payment but obtaining the advantage of a lower cost than the equivalent of a year in monthly rent (which ends up resulting in one or two free monthly payments), as well as access to more specialized functions or tools.

  • Less cost than the equivalent of one year's monthly rent (which ends up resulting in one or two free monthly payments).
  • You can also deduct it on your tax return.
  • Gives you access to plus features and specialized tools to improve specific areas of your restaurant

Therefore, this plan is ideal for businesses with medium and long-term growth plans (with the needs of control, increased productivity, demand generation and everything that this requires) in which the benefits that the investment of a licensing like this can be fully exploited.

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Make up your mind to acquire your software restaurateur!

As you can see, there are several ways to buy a software restaurant owner and you can choose the one that suits you best depending on the current size of your business, your short, medium and long-term business plans, and the areas you want to optimize to grow successfully.
If you want to purchase a software tailored to your needs, we invite you to request a Soft Restaurant® quote by clicking here below.

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