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The challenges of implementing restaurant software

The challenges of implementing restaurant software

Adopting restaurant software guarantees a improvement of all administration, food preparation, sales, inventory and customer service processes in a gastronomic business, but it also involves significant challenges that must be taken into account.

If you are considering adopting an administrative system for restaurants, here we share everything you need to consider before implementing it! 

 1. Time of implementation of the restaurant software

The installation of a restaurant software can take from one to two hours depending on the capacity of your equipment and the internet of the establishment. 

Then follows the basic implementation of the system, which can range from 12 to 16 hours, depending on the operation of the restaurant and the needs to be covered.

"Sometimes the implementations can take us up to a week and a half, this depends on the size of the company, users and procedures that will be carried out in the system", mentions Fátima Jiménez, trainer of National Soft® and expert in the system Soft Restaurant®.

2. Run your business while you learn

software for restaurants implementation challenges

This task can be much easier when the restaurateur has experience and knowledge in technology and processes of the restaurant operation, since both complement each other to obtain a quick command of the software. 

If you are not very familiar with technology, you should consider adopting a intuitive and easy-to-use restaurant system, as it will be a key ally to make your learning curve faster and more assertive, as well as to start using the information offered by the software in your favor.

And do not worry, you can continue to carry out the daily operations of your restaurant while you master it.

3. Train yourself properly

Buying restaurant software doesn't end with implementation. Generally, providers offer training so that both you and your team can use the system properly.

An optimal training should be oriented to cover all the processes of your restaurant and it must be developed in accordance with the operation of the sales floor, with the production areas and with the administrative needs of your restaurant, considering the speed of attention and the satisfaction of the diners. 

On the other hand, a training lacking in details and a methodology based on the objectives of your business can be fatal when launching your restaurant software, so you should consider that your supplier has highly qualified trainers who can help you solve all your needs.

4. Migrate your products to the new restaurant software

upload menu items to restaurant software

One of the most time consuming processes in the implementation of any software is the migration of business data to the new technological solution. Unfortunately, it is an indispensable part of the process, but With the right software, you can find ways to make it simpler and minimize any mistakes along the way.

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In the case of a restaurant, the time it will take to upload all your products will depend on the size and complexity of your menu. In a basic implementation you can upload up to 50 simple products in an hour and a half. 

For a capture of between 50 and 200 products with options to choose from and preparation comments, the time can go from five to eight hours, depending on the restaurant's turn.

5. Lack of support after implementation

It is important that when purchasing the system for your restaurant, you have a guarantee that you will be able to have the benefit of support service, as this way you can feel protected in case of presenting an incident that requires the assistance of a specialist in the future.

"By not having the knowledge, the user may think that the system does not work. I have had cases in which due to configuration details the accounts do not match, or they accidentally deleted their database", describes Lorena Pech, online sales consultant for National Soft® and expert in the system Soft Restaurant®.

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6. Know where to observe the return on your investment

The results of your investment in restaurant software will be demonstrated both immediately and in the medium and long term.

From the beginning of your operations with the solution, human errors will begin to be eliminated such as incorrect calculations in the consumption of each table or problems when writing and reading commands.

By automating these manual procedures, teamwork and communication with the different areas of your restaurant will be immediately favored, and you will notice an increase in both the influx and the satisfaction of your guests.

Another of your main units of measure will be in inventory control, because this is where you will be able to observe a decrease in waste by establishing a system based on a standardized menu with the appropriate portion sizes.

A study conducted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) describes that regular buying and selling cycles prevent significant amounts of food loss from occurring, which is easy to control by using restaurant management software.

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Are you ready to implement restaurant software in your business?

Adopting a new administrative system in a restaurant always implies a change full of challenges that arise along the way, but you don't have to worry, because by implementing the right software these challenges will be extremely easy to solve.

Un system like Soft Restaurant® provides you with an intuitive solution tailored to your business, facilitating the implementation and integration of all the processes of your restaurant, with easy-to-use screen designs with touch equipment, specialized training and high-level support service.

Do you want to know if you are ready to implement a software for your restaurant? Take this quick quiz and make the best decision for your business today!

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