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Costs vs. benefits of restaurant software

Costs vs. benefits of restaurant software

As in any investment, the implementation of a software for restaurants requires an analysis that allows knowing the total weight of the anticipated expenses against the total of the benefits that you will obtain, in order to know if it is a profitable option for your business.

Here are some important facts to help you make the best decision!

1. How much does a restaurant software license cost?

The first thing you must acquire is the license of your restaurant software, whose cost varies depending on the initial investment you make and the type of license your restaurant needs. 

Depending on the initial investment, you have the option of purchasing a monthly or annual license. The monthly license is the one with the lowest initial investment, you can acquire it from $ 500 to $ 900 MXN per month, depending on the size of your restaurant. This is ideal for restaurants that are in an initial phase or control stage.

The annual license implies a greater investment, but it can generate savings equivalent to more than one monthly payment. It is ideal for established businesses looking to increase their productivity.

Depending on the type of license, basic or standard versions are generally offered for small businesses and professional versions for medium-large restaurants, so you should choose the one that fits the size and needs of your business.

2. What equipment do I need to install the software?


To begin, you must have a computer that meets the basic requirements of the system. It is important that you can check that you have the hard disk space that the system requires, an adequate processor, enough memory, as well as the monitor measurements and the necessary operating system.

You should also consider if your establishment requires one or more Points of Sale, that is, the teams where the orders will be lifted and requests will be made to the server team.

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You can also purchase additional modules as a mobile command or a digital menu to obtain particular benefits such as streamline service and enrich the customer experience, among many others.

3. How much should I invest in training?

Once you have installed your system, it is advisable to invest in training so that both you and your work teams learn to use it properly.

The cost varies according to the type of training you require, since you can acquire a complete training, modular trainings, group trainings and private consultancies.

4. How much do CFDI stamps cost?

When you buy a restaurant software, it generally includes a number of CFDI stamps, which are the ones that will help you make valid electronic invoices before the SAT directly from your point of sale

Once you run out of the gift, you will need to purchase a stamp pack and renew it whenever necessary. 

The cost will vary depending on the package you buy, since you can purchase from 20 stamps for just over $ 5.00 MXN each, or up to 50 thousand stamps for less than $ 1.00 MXN each.

What are the benefits of investing in good restaurant software?


The results of investing in a restaurant software begin to be noticed both immediately and in the medium and long term.

1. Improve administration in a restaurant

One of the main benefits that you will obtain is total administrative control of your business thanks to the fact that you will be able to configure your recipes, inventories, supplies, purchase orders —among its multiple options— and obtain your costs and detailed sales reports, avoiding economic losses. .

2. Provide a more agile service

Having a system for restaurants will allow you accelerate your service, improve the experience of your customers and increase your sales exponentially, because you will be able to automate manual tasks, avoid human calculation errors and optimize all processes in the management of your restaurant.

3. More prepared and better communicated work teams

Training your work teams will allow them to carry out all the procedures properly and get the most out of the software, with which you can minimize losses and achieve your sales goals.

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4. Improve the customer experience

Your system will allow you to save information about your customers such as billing information, addresses for home delivery and service history. online orders, with which you can offer a personalized and more agile service. 

In addition, you can offer exclusive benefit cards to promote loyalty and generate special promotions and discounts for your best customers.

5. Support service

The support service is a benefit that will allow you to solve any problem that may arise in your system, as situations may arise in which you require the help of a specialist.

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Is restaurant software profitable for your business?

By guaranteeing total administrative control, satisfactory experiences for your customers and an increase in your sales, the costs of implementing the restaurant software are practically covered with the benefits it offers you, which are much higher.

Therefore, you can be sure that Investing in restaurant software is a highly profitable option for your businessBut you should choose your supplier carefully and make sure you get a reliable product.

Soft Restaurant is the only system that offers you all the aforementioned benefits, as well as a increase in your sales of up to 30 percent thanks to the fact that its basic and additional modules work together to optimize the service of your restaurant.  

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