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How to Get Better Tips - Be a Successful Waiter!

Depending on the country in which you are, people who provide a service in the restaurant sector are paid a remuneration as a sign of gratitude; tip.

The word tip comes from the Latin "tipinare" which means "to give to drink." Which was like in ancient times he used to tip himself. A drink in exchange for a favor or service.

As time went by it became customary to give a percentage of the total value of the service in cash and today this is still a habit. The stipulated goes around 10 to 15% as recommended by the prestigious Forbes magazine.

Despite being a common practice, tipping is an optional courtesy gesture and that is why it is your duty to be a successful waiter. Below we will give you a list of practices so that you receive better tips every day:


Address with respect and use the nouns sir, madam, and miss appropriately and smile. According to Luis Manuel Rivera García, author of the book "The magic of finance in the hotel industry" you always have to welcome guests with "a sincere smile."


Believe it or not, your appearance is important. In an investigation carried out for the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, they conducted a survey in which 53% of those surveyed said that the employees are the ones who represent the restaurant and must have a neat appearance.


On some occasions, some items are usually missing on the table or the diner may need extras (such as ashtrays) and it is best to be vigilant and anticipate to provide what is necessary before they ask for it or get it from another table.


With regard to suggestions or complaints "the customer is always right" and no excuses about the restaurant or staff will be of importance. Ideally, find a quick solution and apologize if necessary.

As reflected in the research "The relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction in the restaurant industry" carried out for the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) "the extra effort to handle specific requests impacts on the final evaluation of the client on the service offered ”.


Stay out of other people's conversations and only participate if required. Prudence also lies in not communicating in code or even arguing with other fellow waiters while in front of the customer.


When asking if they want something from the menu, avoid the word NO. Instead of asking "Wouldn't you like a dessert?" try to prompt YES by asking "Would you like a dessert?" This is known as positive psychology.


Sometimes being very attentive can be mistaken for pressure. Always let the customer take the time he wants to order. It is also necessary to learn to read when the customer has finished enjoying food. And above all, never rush them to ask for the bill.

In conclusion, the cordiality, respect and positive energy with which you serve the guests will make your experience unbeatable. Getting your gratitude reflected in the tip. Follow these tips and share those that have helped you become a successful waiter.