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How to make branding in my restaurant

How to make branding in my restaurant

Perhaps you have heard about branding and how large companies use it to position their brand in the minds of consumers, in this article you will discover how a large or small restaurant can make good branding.

What is branding for my restaurant?

Branding In a few words, it can be described how the management of a brand, managing refers to the actions we carry out as a gastronomic business to create expectations of our service and provide satisfactory experiences that strengthen ties with our customers.


Is my restaurant a brand?

Yes, a brand is made up of public perception, it is how others see you, the emotions you arouse and what is said about you, a brand can be personal or business and it is important to shape, protect and build the foundations for fix the expectations you want to create for your business and clients.


Now, how do I do the branding for my restaurant? We share with you 4 steps you should consider to shape your brand and create a branding strategy for your restaurant.


Choose the name of your restaurant


The name seeks to convey the values ​​and attributes that characterize your restaurant, this is important to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Name for restaurant

Create the corporate identity


What will be the visual content that will distinguish your gastronomic business?


Your logo, graphic style and color palette, along with the name, will be your business card in advertising and promotions, so make sure they convey the essence of your business.

logo for restaurant

How do I create brand loyalty in my restaurant?


How often do customers return to your restaurant?

Once your customers have decided to try your restaurant, it is up to your actions to keep them and generate loyalty.


Measure quality

It is important that you know the opinion that your customers have of your food,

facilities and service.


Offer the wifi with link to a quality survey in any of your digital platforms and using dynamics in social networks is a good option.



Promotions generate more sales on special days and attract new diners.

measurements for restaurant

Positioning of my restaurant


The goal is to ensure that the image of your restaurant generates positive emotions for your customers.


Symbolic positioning:

Concepts generate memories and emotions for us.

Transmit the concept of your corporate image to your clients by decorating the workplace with your logo and graphic style.

restaurant corporate identity

Functional positioning:

Solve problems and benefit your customers with promotions or details at no cost generates customer loyalty.

restaurant functional positioning

Experiential Positioning:

Generate sensory and cognitive stimulation in your consumers so that they identify with the values ​​of your restaurant.

restaurant experiential positioning

In the first instance, it can be difficult to understand what branding is, but your restaurant, no matter how large or small it may be, must have a branding strategy that promotes the perception of your brand in the highest positive standards among your customers.


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