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How Tropikal Kok faced the Covid-19 crisis with Soft Restaurant e-Delivery

How Tropikal Kok faced the Covid-19 crisis with Soft Restaurant e-Delivery

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic decreased 90 percent of restaurant sales in Mexico and caused the closure of a third, but Tropical Kok, a healthy food business located in Texcoco, was one of the three restaurants with the highest number of online food sales in the country through the platform Soft Restaurant e-Delivery.

Learn how this technological tool helped him face the contingency!

 How did Covid-19 change consumer trends in restaurants?

According to a study prepared by the Mexican fintech Konfío, the restaurant sector decreased by around 60 percent as a result of the health contingency due to Covid-19, although there are cases with falls ranging from 120 to 300 percent.

In parallel, online food ordering trends increased 15 percent just in the first weeks that restrictive mobility measures were imposed in Mexico, resulting in 6 out of 10 consumers in the country and order food at home through various platforms.

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Sell ​​food online: Tropical Kok's solution

 tropical kok android

At the time that the Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2) pandemic was declared a National Emergency in Mexico, Tropical Kok had already been a user of Soft Restaurant e-Delivery for about six months, specialized in managing online food orders for home and to go.

For Roberto Peralta, owner of Tropical Kok, having a tool like this has allowed his business to develop a well-formulated system to receive and manage his home and take-out orders, as well as provide more alternatives to customers who want to order online easily and safely.

“It helps me a lot to get into this situation with this type of tool, because for me it was not experimenting from scratch. We already had it implemented and that has made us stay afloat in this crisis ”, described in an interview.

Currently almost all the Tropical Kok letter is available for home delivery and to pick up, either through phone call, WhatsApp messaging, Web platform and mobile app for Android.

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Commitment to bring healthy food home and to go

One of the most important reasons that motivated Tropical Kok to continue operating during the contingency was that many workers in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in the region requested healthy food to be able to stand up during the heavy work hours that the situation demanded.

“All of us as a family here at Tropical Kok decided to continue with our activities since our potential clients work in hospitals and look for healthy food a lot, as well as many officers (I mean policemen) and sectors that cannot stop because they are involved in this. So we as a restaurant are committed to still provide the service", Roberto Peralta pointed out.

Use of technology for a safe reactivation

From Roberto Peralta's perspective, restaurants must be constantly evolving to adapt to market trends and demands, so it is necessary to adopt new technologies and tools such as Soft Restaurant e-Delivery.

"I think it is a very good tool and I invite you to continue using it or to dare to do so since sometimes many of us are skeptical of the situations, but finally, at this moment I bet a lot on digital and virtual, and I have had the result. I think You have to have the ability to evolve in order to continue to be successful".

Covid-19: A crisis to overcome for restaurants

measures for restaurants

For Tropical Kok, the health contingency has meant a moment of social responsibility where health is above all else, but it is also an opportunity to focus on making each moment more suitable and fruitful for everyone. 

“Not everything is bad, I think this is temporary, somehow I see it that way, and I know that Mexico is supportive, it is creative, it is a land of warriors. Let's make all these advantages work in our favor. May the Covid-19 pandemic last as long as it has to last, but let good intentions, good habits and good vibes always remain in Mexico”, Expressed Roberto Peralta.

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Therefore, the restaurateur invites a safe reactivation, taking all possible safety and hygiene measures so that both businesses and the general population can get ahead.

“Our body stays at home, but may our heart always be united with Mexico and more in these difficult times. On behalf of Tropical Kok, the salads we prepare are made with a lot of love to make every bite warmer at home".

Decide to try Soft Restaurant e-Delivery

Just as Tropical Kok has come forward during this health contingency through the digital transformation of its business, we invite you to get to know the platform Soft Restaurant e-Delivery so that you, too, can sell food online safely and optimally for your restaurant in the new normal. Get a quote here!

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