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Does my restaurant need online home delivery?

Does my restaurant need online home delivery?

In the digital age, every gastronomic business needs to have a presence on the internet, in Mexico the penetration of users with internet access amounted to 71% of the population, just over 82.7 million users.


Can you imagine that 1% of that number becomes your customers? How much would you be generating monthly?


One way to aspire to have that number of customers on a monthly basis is by implementing access to your services through your website, your fan page or your application.


Online home delivery could be an option, over the years home delivery has evolved, now we have alternatives such as directory applications and our own engines for ordering food online, being effective sales channels for gastronomic businesses .


Now that you know the importance of why you should join the online market, we share some challenges that you will probably face when implementing home delivery over the internet.

Do I need to offer home delivery service online?

The answer depends on your ambitions, in Mexico every week 1 in 3 online purchases are to order food at home according to the last study of the habits of internet users in Mexico, confirming the effectiveness of these platforms as an effective sales channel.


There we leave you the information ...


Directory applications are the most popular to order online, and of these there is a great variety of which you can choose which one you can make your ally to generate profitable business, but before joining any you should consider the following:


  • Do you have any initial or implementation costs?
  • What additional services does it offer?
  • What is the commission percentage and how often is it charged?


Home delivery applications are ideal for gastronomic businesses that do not have a delivery team, for restaurants whose location is not favorable or for businesses that want to position their brand in a new market.


Another option to offer home orders online are online stores, these offer your customers the ease of purchasing your products from the device of their choice and anywhere.


Incorporating an online store for your restaurant will allow your customers to order from anywhere.

Is it safe to send food over the internet?

As with telephone orders, some can result in false contacts, with current technology you can be confident that this will not happen since you use a database in which the actions of your customers allow you to know which ones. they do not have a correct address.


Another security filter is the real-time tracking that allows knowing the location and status of the order until it reaches the customer, this allows increasing the quality of the service by estimating delivery times.

Do your customers enjoy ordering food online?

Yes, with the arrival of mobile phones and internet bandwidth, online stores have proliferated, being one of the most used means of making purchases by Mexicans between 18 and 34 years old.


Online delivery service presents a challenge for you as a restaurant owner, you must surprise your guests with a unique packaging that reflects the values ​​of your restaurant as a brand, with fair portions, impeccable delivery times and exclusive promotions to turn your online customers into diners of your restaurant.


The customer experience is the most important thing and making modifications to the portions or increasing the price are not solutions, there are alternatives such as Online Order Engine that offer the creation of your own web portal for online orders, with very fair rates.


The use of these platforms represents a great challenge for you as a restaurateur and, far from being an expense, it must become a powerful tool for the growth of your business, and the average use amounted to a total of 8 hours and 20 minutes.


Some of the online home ordering Apps that currently work in Mexico are:


Uber Eats

It is a home food delivery platform with great market penetration thanks to its private transportation service platform.



The platform allows you to order simple things like a snack to your favorite dish from a certain restaurant, and receive it in a matter of minutes.



With this app you can order from more than 3 restaurants in Mexico and accept different payment methods.


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It is an online platform for the restaurant itself, which helps gastronomic businesses to incorporate a new exclusive sales channel and offer their customers the ability to easily and quickly place home orders online.


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