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Point of sale vs Restaurant software [Infographic]

Point of sale vs Restaurant software [Infographic]

If you are one of those who enjoys selling and reaching more diners every day, you have probably found yourself in the dilemma of choose a Point of Sale vs a restaurant software to improve and streamline sales in your restaurant.

To get rid of doubts, here we present a comparison that will allow you to know what each one offers you and which one is better to increase sales in a restaurant like yours.Know all the details and decide to implement the best one for you!

What is a Point of Sale and what is it for?

El Point of sale It is a system that is responsible for recording all the sales operations that are carried out daily and obtaining valuable information for analysis and decision-making.

It is made up of software and a physical terminal (made up of a monitor and a CPU) that allows optimize and streamline sales tasks in which there is direct interaction with the customer, systematically organizing and managing all the sales information obtained.

What are the main functions of a Point of Sale system?

Among its main functions, a Point of Sale system allows you to carry the control of the sale of simple or compound products, your inventories, discounts and electronic invoicing, as well as making payments through external devices (for example, barcode readers, scales and ticket printers).

From Point of Sale to restaurant software


In recent years, point of sale software has been specialized to meet the various demands of the market, so we can find optimized systems for businesses such as pharmacies, grocery stores and, of course, restaurants.

In markets like the United States, 81% of investment in technology for restaurants is intended for the Point of Sale, which is why it has become a key tool to optimize the daily operations of a restaurant business.

However, the food business has unique needs, since it requires that the final products that are offered to the customer for consumption be prepared in the same place, from raw inputs.

Therefore, it requires the coordination of many people performing various processes of varying degrees of complexity, and to meet these needs, the Point of Sale has had to evolve into a system designed specifically for restaurants.

What is restaurant software?

Un software for restaurants It has all the functions of a Point of Sale, but it is more than a Point of Sale, as it is a system created specifically to improve and optimize all administration, management, sales and customer service processes in a restaurant.

Having a restaurant software is ideal for restaurants looking to consolidate and expand in the short or long term, since they allow to carry a global administration of the sales and to maintain the control of diverse branches.

What benefits does restaurant software give you?

One of the main benefits of restaurant software is that it has tools specially designed to optimize the entire restaurant operation.

One of these the specialized inventory control in food, which allows you to control your stock supplies and the presentations of independent products, orders and purchase orders (entering real information through a scale) and the transfer between warehouses.

With this system you can download inventories through recipes and have an effective recipe costing, a key step to take proper administration.

In addition, it allows you to add additional modules with which you can improve the customer experience and ensure increased sales, such as mobile comanderas, digital menus, online orders and frequent customer cards, among many others.

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What differentiates a restaurant software from a Point of Sale?


Both the Point of Sale system and the restaurant software fulfill the function of systematically managing and controlling the sales of a business.

However, the fundamental difference is that a restaurant software has specific functions that allow you to have valuable information to generate effective strategies in situations that can only occur in a restaurant, providing the necessary tools to solve them on time and successfully.

Which one suits you best?

The Point of Sale is convenient for any type of business. But if it is a restaurant business, restaurant software will always be a better investment.

If you want to take your restaurant to success, we invite you to know Soft Restaurant®, the restaurant software with the most legitimacy, security and benefits that exists in the market today.

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