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Soft Restaurant® 10: The System for Smart Restaurants

Soft Restaurant® 10: The System for Smart Restaurants

Soft Restaurant®, the restaurant system that enhances the growth of gastronomic businesses, has launched a new version that is equipped with new functionalities and optimized tools to help the restaurant industry face the challenges caused by Covid-XNUMX and take advantage of the new opportunities opening up in the post-pandemic world.

 The novelties include added functionalities to provide a more agile service and new add-ons that provide restaurants with a omnichannel ability to serve more customers with a personalized service according to your needs. Know the advances of what is coming!

A system for smart restaurants

Smart phones, smart watches, smart homes… the world is getting smarter, and so are consumers. The use of technology has increased exponentially in recent years and has proven to be an indispensable tool to solve the challenges that arise every day.

For this reason, the new version of Soft Restaurant® has arrived to inaugurate the era of smart restaurants, making converge in one place all the tools a business needs to meet the demands of diners in an increasingly interconnected world.

More equipped than ever

The new version of the most used restaurant software in Mexico and Latin America offers as one of its highlights the integration of modules that in previous versions were purchased separately, such as:

  • Kitchen monitor
  • Reservations and commission agents
  • Customer loyalty 

System automations for a more agile service

An agile service has always been one of the main demands of diners, so the new version of the restaurant software offers new tools to optimize the operation of the restaurant and reduce order registration times to the minimum possible. For example:

  • Automatic modifiers in selected products, so if you have a package that includes predetermined elements, you can include them automatically and avoid errors or omissions on the part of the cashiers.
  • Self-filling of balances in the process of collection of accounts paid with different payment methods, allowing to capture the exact amounts of the transaction automatically and avoid calculation errors.

Omnichannel strategy to improve the customer experience

omnichannel strategy

In addition to the integrated services offered by the system in its monthly or annual rental license scheme, version 10 can be complemented with new add-ons that have been designed to significantly enrich the customer experience from multiple service channels.

Three different types of menus

In dining room service, Soft Restaurant® 10 offers restaurants three different types of menus that are adjusted to the needs of each diner:

Digital Menu

This interactive tool allows the display of high-quality images and detailed descriptions of each product, allowing the diner to calmly know the menu and make a better decision.


QR technology is here to stay, offering diners the possibility of consulting the menu from their cell phone, without having to contact a physical letter. 

Also, with the tool e-MenuQR included in the Soft Restaurant e-Delivery platform, diners can send their order directly to the kitchen, without having to wait to be served by a waiter.

Self-service kiosk

One of the star products of the new version is the digital kiosk, a sales channel that functions as an automated single window through which the customer can see the menu, capture their order and make their payment by card or cash. no need to wait long lines to be attended at the checkout.

Online sales channel

online restaurant system

Launched during the contingency by Covid-19 to offer restaurants your own online sales channel for home orders and take-out, the platform eDelivery It is one of the star complements of Soft Restaurant® 10 to maintain direct interaction with diners online and to guarantee that their orders are received satisfactorily.

On the other hand, Soft Restaurant® 10 is also linked to Ordatic, a program that allows you to manage orders made through third-party applications such as Uber Eats, Rappi and Without Apron, registering them in an automated way and saving manual capture time.

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Goal focus and real time monitoring

One of the most important innovations of Soft Restaurant® 10 is the integration of Analytics, a multiplatform tool that allows setting sales goals in the short, medium and long term, as well as monitoring the results and consulting reports in real time and from anywhere through a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access.

Additional plugins for digital payments

Soft Restaurant® 10 integrates additional solutions such as CoDi® to make collections and payments from a cell phone quickly, safely and efficiently, without generating commissions and without the need to have contact with another surface.

In addition, it integrates with JAPAY terminals to make cash payments through a terminal without the need for contact and, together with Smart Payments, the restaurant system offers Online Pay to accelerate the payment processes, without errors or reprocessing, providing a better service and increasing diner satisfaction.

Are you ready for the new era of smart restaurants?

These are just some of the news for you in the new version of the software that has helped the restaurant industry grow in the last 18 years. 

With this launch, Soft Restaurant® takes the first step towards the era of smart restaurants, equipped with technology that quickly adapts to the environment, a more agile service, personalized experiences according to the needs of each client and a new vision focused on goals and results. Don't miss out on everything it has for you!

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