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The checklist to boost your dessert offer and get an increase in the average ticket

The checklist to boost your dessert offer and get an increase in the average ticket

As we all know, the dessert arrives at the end of the consumption of the main dishes on the menu. Dessert is like when the queen is crowned, it is a moment that culminates with the best surprise. It is a moment that transcends, is fixed in memory and also is shared with other people. Use the following list and approve your dessert offer, surely you will find new ideas that will help you achieve greater sales.  

You must have a menu only for desserts, it is a way to give prominence to this succulent food. Arouse the curiosity of the customer, invite him to know the flavor proposals and satisfy his cravings.


It is important to take care of the design and presentation of your dessert menu. The professional quality of the images and photographs you use will be a key factor in making customers fall in love at the first glance of your letter.


Customize the name of the desserts according to the style and concept of your restaurant. Use creative names that spark the imagination and relate to the flavor the customer will find in the dessert. What flavor can you imagine finding in a dessert called Romeo and Juliet? Thus we can generate a unique and special experience for customers.


The description of the desserts should be suggestive and interesting. Use adjectives that describe a vivid image of the dessert and encourage the customer to try it. The goal is for the most indecisive customer to succumb to the tempting suggestions in your letter.


The existence of flavors will help you to please different palates. Try to include a balanced offer between sweet, sour, cold, hot. Another option is to combine classic desserts with original proposals from the house. Remember that the purpose of a dessert is to evoke a moment of surprise, pleasure and magic.


Offer desserts by season, so you will be able to surprise customers who visit you frequently. Create new proposals using seasonal fruits such as pitahaya or rambutan, place them in full view of the customer, in a fixed place on the table to attract their attention.


Be flexible and seek to adapt your offer of desserts to the taste of your clientele, incorporate desserts for children, in the event that your restaurant is family-friendly. You can also include desserts to share between two or more people.


Includes one or two desserts for people intolerant to any ingredient, celiacs. The demand for foods free of an ingredient such as gluten is increasingly recurrent. If you can offer this service, your customers will appreciate it and the benefit will return with a good recommendation.


Train your staff, keep them informed and have them taste the desserts, so they will have a better knowledge of the flavor and ingredients. The appreciation of your servers can be a key to convey better information to your customers.

It is worth mentioning that the dessert offer must be aligned with the style and category of your restaurant. It is still common to find high-end restaurants with inferior desserts. A lot of attention to this detail, undervaluing the dessert offer decreases the satisfaction of your customers and can also represent great losses in the profit of your business.

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