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What technology should be in a restaurant after Covid-19

The food and beverage industry is currently experiencing a crucial stage in the search for a sustainable recovery, where the adoption of various strategies to meet the new demands of consumers, innovate in home delivery and integrate technology in a restaurant to generate trust have played a key role in achieving a successful transition to the new normal for the industry.

If you are also in this period of vital importance for your restaurant and you are considering what you should invest in to achieve a complete reactivation, in this article we will show you how technology can be one of your greatest allies.

What have restaurants done to face the Covid-19 pandemic?

According to the survey "Resilience of the Restaurant Industry in times of COVID-19”, Most of the restaurants made the decision to reduce costs and their use of resources, waiting for the pandemic to end. However, those who adopted this strategy were the most affected, presenting a 70 percent drop in income

On the other hand, the restaurants that simultaneously reduced fixed costs, adapted the business to the new reality and implemented measures to increase efficiency were those that had less loss compared to others

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What technology is necessary in a restaurant to achieve a successful revival?

Following the findings of the previous survey, the main actions that have proven to be most effective in order to provide an optimal and safe service to diners and optimize the economic performance of restaurants are those that allow:

In turn, the consulting firm Deloitte points out that build trust among diners, visualize the recovery time according to the locality and the sector to which they belong (formal / mixed / informal) and invest in business development with an adequate financial strategy are fundamental steps to lift the restaurant sector after the impact of the pandemic.

For this reason, the technology that a restaurant needs today is one that helps you carry out these actions effectively. Some examples are:

1. Technology to adapt the business to the new demand


One of the most important actions is to adapt the business to the new needs of consumers, who are looking for a safe, fast service, oriented towards self-consumption and the digital environment. To achieve this, you can integrate the following tools:

Contact-free menu

The QR menu allows diners to access your digitized menu from their mobile device by reading a QR code that you can place on a visible surface of the restaurant, reducing the risk of contact that the use of a commonly used menu entails.

Some tools like e-MenuQR They not only limit themselves to offering a digitized menu, but they also allow your guests to order and pay the bill from their cell phone, offering a more interactive experience for customers.

Un digital menu It can also help you to give your guests the ability to order from their table without having to interact with a waiter and reduce service times.

Online Reservations

An online reservation system will allow your guests to make their reservation from their cell phone, tablet or computer in a matter of minutes, without having to spend time waiting on the phone line while your staff is free to attend them and recording the information in an automated way in your system.

With this technology, you will be able to control the capacity and comply with the health regulations when reopening your restaurant, avoid the formation of waiting lines, efficiently control the entry and exit flow of diners and offer a more satisfactory experience.

Self-service kiosk

This interactive tool works as a self-service window through which the customer can see the menu, choose the products of their choice and make their payment by card or cash, no need to wait long lines to be attended at the checkout

With the arrival of the pandemic, it represents a way of guaranteeing diners a fast service and reducing interaction with staff to the minimum possible.

2. Technology to innovate in home service

Another of the most important actions for the economic recovery of restaurants is innovation in home delivery, seeking to bring the best experience home, explore distribution alternatives and achieve differentiation through the use of personalized elements that leave a more impressive impression. lasting on customers.

Here, have a platform to sell food online Delivery and take out has been one of the most important tools to recover and increase income in the new normal, offering multiple benefits for both restaurateurs and online diners.

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3. Technology to reduce waste


The third line of action for the recovery of restaurants is aimed at promoting the circular economy and eliminating food waste. To achieve this, one of the most effective technological tools is the use of a restaurant software, which offers you tools such as:

Inventory control

A software with inventory control is in charge of keeping a count of each of the items that are available in your warehouse, helping you to keep a record of stocks and optimizing control in the supply, storage and food preparation processes to ensure that your restaurant has the exact products it requires.

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Reporting and analysis tools

Having sales and inventory reports will allow you to identify the dishes that are not selling in a timely manner, while the analysis functions that offer the most innovative software will help you monitor your sales in real time, plan your business goals and analyze all your information to create effective strategies that help you move all your products and avoid loss.

Get ready to reactivate your restaurant to 100!

In recent months, restaurants have shown their resilience and now it has come to take the next step, recover and adapt to this new reality, where only those who are better prepared will be able to move forward and continue growing.

We invite you to explore Soft Restaurant® restaurant technologies specially designed to successfully overcome the challenges of the new normal. Get to know them and decide to completely revive your restaurant!