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The 5's that will help you increase productivity in your kitchen

The organization in a kitchen is a fundamental part for the development of an efficient, dynamic and safe work. One of the most used methods to achieve maximum efficiency in production processes is based on a Japanese philosophy called KAIZEN. This methodology helps you reduce costs; eliminating from the production process everything that does not add value to the product and making the most of the experience and capacity of the personnel, actively integrating them.

Know 5 advantages of ChatBot

The use of chatbots has generated great interest and expectation about the benefits and advantages of having this technological tool, not only to provide a better customer service experience, but also to suggest purchase options. Chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence to learn, recognize user preferences and preferences through their constant online activity.

The impact of technology in restaurants

According to a study by the world's largest food service trade association, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) found that 63% of those surveyed had used new technologies in restaurants.  Among the most popular activities are: finding the location of a restaurant through your smartphone, getting to know the menu, making a reservation and ordering take-out. 

Neutralize negative messages on social media

Being present on social media can increase the positioning of your restaurant or brand, depending on the strategy and content of interest you share on your profile, but just as it can make you grow, it can also damage your image through comments or customer complaints. dissatisfied.

Improve the positioning and competitiveness of your restaurant

In Mexico there are around 16 million people with disabilities (INEGI, 2015). The offer of restaurants with spaces for special clients is minimal, not only in the city, but throughout the country.