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The importance of occupational prevention, what are your obligations as a restaurant owner

Last July we gave an online talk about the main advice and recommendations on legal issues for restaurant owners, said talk was given by the Labor Relations Advisory Lawyer José Miguel Hernández Durán, head of the company SME Labor, office specialized in advising companies on labor issues in search of prevention.

Veganism, an opportunity for the restaurant industry?

In recent months I have noticed a substantial increase in publications on topics related to veganism and animal protection on social networks, I have even detected that every time I know more people who choose to change their traditional diet for a "vegan" diet , which has made me think about how difficult it is for them today to get and prepare their food, because being honest, at least in Mexico I don't find so many options for them; on the other hand, it has also made me wonder how attractive the market is for the restaurant sector today, so I took on the task of doing a little research on it.

Service or taste of food, what is more important in a restaurant for diners?

During the last years we have heard from various sources that customer service is the determining factor to achieve their satisfaction and as a consequence a loyalty to our business, however when we talk about the restaurant sector, there is a debate between what is more important for the diner if in fact the service or the taste of the food that has been prepared in the establishment matters more.

6 marketing strategies to boost your restaurant on a low budget

 How many times have you been suggested to increase the publicity of your business? You have been told that you require a larger marketing budget for your restaurant to be successful. In many cases this may be true, however it is also true that many companies and businesses currently manage to position themselves in the market by establishing very low budgets with more effective results than businesses with traditional marketing.

Ideas for decorating your restaurant

The decoration of your restaurant is an aspect that should not be taken lightly, it is just as important as the taste of the food that your restaurant has. The purpose of the decoration or setting of your restaurant is to make your diner feel comfortable from the moment they cross the front door.