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3 tips to decrease the turnover of restaurant staff

3 tips to decrease the turnover of restaurant staff

You won't let us lie: constant staff turnover involves high expenses for any company, but how serious is the problem in our restaurant sector?

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) considers that, as of 2013, this "phenomenon" began to be more frequent *, due to the large number of new restaurant entrepreneurs.

According to the Chamber, the high staff turnover is directly related to the novelty of the establishment: employees tend to think that, being a new restaurant, pay and tips will be high.

Sell ​​with Facebook, without investing a peso.

Sell ​​with Facebook, without investing a peso

Implementing Facebook in the marketing campaign of your gastronomic business offers many possibilities of success, as long as you have well defined the final objective of your campaign and the profile of your ideal client. But what if you do not have the budget to invest in Facebook, if you are starting your gastronomic business and there is not enough capital, read on to discover 5 actions to sell on Facebook without investing a peso.

The checklist to boost your dessert offer and get an increase in the average ticket

As we all know, the dessert arrives at the end of the consumption of the main dishes on the menu. Dessert is like when the queen is crowned, it is a moment that culminates with the best surprise. It is a moment that transcends, is fixed in memory and also is shared with other people. Use the following list and approve your dessert offer, surely you will find new ideas that will help you achieve greater sales.  

How to use Instagram to position your restaurant in 6 steps

Instagram is an ideal platform to publicize your restaurant. But do you know how to achieve it? The objective is to direct the visits that your Instagram profile receives to your website, to your blog, and better yet, to your restaurant. Attract new consumers and show what you do and who you are, these are just some of the benefits of using Instagram. Here we present you from scratch, 6 steps to position your restaurant and improve your positioning both digitally and with your competition.

6 characteristics of Millennials so that the offer of your products or services can conquer them.

Millennials are young people born between the eighties and early 2000s, today they are between 10 and 30 years old. They represent more than 30% of the Latin American population and they have become an important and potential market for brands. They are the consumers of today and tomorrow; a substantial market with new characteristics, needs and demands that must be attended, studied and analyzed to reach them effectively.