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Raise the average ticket of your restaurant

Football tends to become the ideal antidote to put aside political, ideological differences and problems, almost of any kind, people enjoy the moment, they join the collective feeling of supporting their team and the deep desire to see it succeed. The same happens with those people who do not follow this sport with interest; When the national team plays, they only let the emotion flow by shouting the goals and living the moment intensely.

How to increase your hotel reservations in low season

A large number of travel agencies and airlines have introduced the concept of 'low season' as an attractive commercial bet that is paying off in Latin American countries, particularly Chile. Travel in low season has increased thanks to the fact that companies in the tourism sector have developed a strong promotional campaign and very attractive prices for traveling on these dates. The offer has been educating customers, who in many cases decide to take vacations in months other than the traditional ones or plan an additional trip during the year.

Do you know what to do in an emergency situation in your restaurant?

Know and apply the necessary security measures to act in a panic situation.

Know the 8 rules of hygiene in food and apply them to your restaurant.

When we think about the hygiene of a restaurant we imagine a clean, orderly place and free of any type of bug roaming around. It is a factor that influences the confidence of customers to eat in a restaurant and the reason why it must be borne in mind that the lack of care in food hygiene can significantly affect the prestige of your business and the loss Of customers. Reinforcing the mechanisms in food control and having trained personnel for it, will avoid public health problems that can lead to the closure of your business.

Adapt your restaurant to payment via Smartphone

New technologies in the restaurant industry are leading businessmen and entrepreneurs to implement them in their business as a hook to attract more and new customers. How do you know if you have to follow the technological trend of the international market or innovate to be different and distinguish yourself from the competition? Assuming risk involves resources, however, staying on the sidelines can represent great losses for the business.