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Why include wines on your restaurant menu?

Including wines in the menu of your restaurant can become an element of prestige to position your business.

Food trucks: the business in trend

Food trucks are an innovative alternative that has become an option not only for diners, but also for chefs and businessmen. Food trucks are more than trucks that sell prepared food, in Mexico, they have become a key trend to attack the main market in terms of consumption: millennials. These trucks are ready to offer menus suitable for young office workers, yet the food is just the beginning: gourmet presentations, designer-decorated carts and personalized service spice up the offering.

Get ready to improve your performance in the restaurant sector: Courses that can help you

The restaurant sector in Mexico generates a good source of income, as well as employment opportunities. According to INEGI figures, in Mexico there are 428 thousand restaurants, which generate one and a half million direct jobs and 3.5 million indirect jobs, which makes the restaurant industry the second largest employer nationwide.

Vegan menu, an alternative to include in your menu and call new customers to your restaurant.

Including a vegan menu in your restaurant will allow you to attract consumers who are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Baristas: Technology vs Man


Coffee shops are usually one of the favorite places for people to meet and talk about business or with friends. Although the calm environment influences one to feel comfortable and the taste of coffee is the protagonist in the scene. Have you ever wondered what are the secrets of baristas to fuse the best flavors of coffee and create the flavor that you love so much?