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Conquer your customers and turn your restaurant into the ideal place to celebrate February 14

It is no coincidence that the influx of customers in restaurants increases considerably during the celebration of the day of love and friendship. According to figures from the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry CANIRAC, during 2011, the celebration of February 14 represented an economic benefit for the sector of 600 million pesos, surpassed by Mother's Day with an amount of one thousand five hundred million pesos.  

5 things that give a PLUS to your Restaurant

It doesn't matter if you have a fast food restaurant or one specialized in fine dining; what you surely want is to sell. And to sell more, you have to stand out from the competition. Have an added value that identifies you.

Smart Restaurants, Myth or Fact?

In general, once a week your smartphone updates at least half of the applications you have on it and this happens because we live in a world in which technology has become essential. As we have so many options available, updates give us the assurance that we chose the best option, the latest trend, the one that was worth the most.

In search of a WOW experience

Today the business world is more competitive than it used to be and customers are demanding more and more. Are you stranded in a sea of ​​restaurants? What can you do to stand out? Offer a WOW experience!

How to Get Better Tips - Be a Successful Waiter!

Depending on the country in which you are, people who provide a service in the restaurant sector are paid a remuneration as a sign of gratitude; tip.