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Soft Restaurant® made the official presentation of the Soft Restaurant® App

To boost the restaurant sector with technology, the Soft Restaurant® App, from the Yucatecan company National Soft®, challenges food delivery giants, with a tool that optimizes home delivery, benefits companies regardless of their size , strengthens administrative processes and improves the relationship with diners.

How to calculate the bonus for your staff, according to federal labor law.

How to calculate the bonus for your staff, according to federal labor law.

The month of December is approaching and with it, the obligation to pay one of the benefits established in the Federal Labor Law, the Christmas bonus, which must be covered before December 20 of each year and consists of a payment of when less 15 days of salary (for those who have completed one year of service).

Here we share with you some of the most common inquiries we receive from our clients in the hospitality industry.

Avoid losses due to lack of control in your restaurant

Nowadays most companies concentrate their efforts on increasing their sales and each day they sell more and more, under the belief that by selling more I will earn more; In most cases this will not happen this way since we will not only have to focus on selling more but we must also focus on being able to spend less or learn to spend better.

Managing tips in your restaurant

The collection of tips in food establishments has always generated great controversy, is it mandatory? Should I charge my customers? How much should you tip? We hope with this article to clarify the issue to avoid problems with your clients and collaborators.

Attract new customers to your restaurant

Currently, most consumers make a prior consultation on the internet before buying anything, they will look for any reference, rating or information that makes it easier for them to make a decision and in the case of restaurants, the same applies.