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Tacos Don Manolito

Tacos Don Manolito, a 100% Mexican company founded in 2005, inspired by developing a new concept of a high-quality taco restaurant.

With a fresh and innovative idea that is distinguished by its excellent aptitude and service, which can be enjoyed in an avant-garde and welcoming environment, based on a successful combination of its products and the secret of its sauce, all with first-rate quality. The first branch open to the public is located in Olivar de los Padres.

It totally breaks with the concept of the traditional taqueria in Mexico, Tacos Don Manolito, unintentionally, became an inn place for all its diners preferred mainly by young people.

Our main objective is to provide diners with products of excellent quality in taste and variety, with an unbeatable menu combining it with perfect customer service.

What characterizes us ...

HONESTY: It characterizes the individual for his honor and rectitude in all his acts; It is the quality that makes a person act and live in accordance with what he thinks, feels and says. By being honest with yourself, you are honest with others.

DEDICATION: It is continuous improvement to comply with the highest possible efficiency in all our tasks.

PRODUCTIVITY: Ability to fulfill duty. Recognize and accept the consequences of our actions with dedication and maximum interest in the fulfillment of the duties and functions that we perform.

CONSTANCY: Distinguish themselves by their high degree of responsibility, attending to their own training, in order to do a job of superior quality, which makes them worthy of price and stimulation in the performance of their duties.

JOY: Contribute to a harmonious and supportive work language, which allows the free exchange of knowledge and actions in all areas of our institutional work.

OPTIMISM: Being tenacious in overcoming obstacles and we face together even complicated scenarios, keeping in mind our mission and the order of priorities for your knowledge.

LOYALTY: Loyalty and respect inspired by the people we love or the ideas with which we identify. Those who are loyal have a high sense of commitment and they allow them to be consistent in their effects and keep their word.

COMMITMENT: It is to go beyond the simple duty, it is to transcend the norm, it is to be faithful in dealing, in the performance and effective fulfillment of our functions.

We have branches in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Morelos, Veracruz, Guanajuato, Querétaro and Jalisco ... 24 branches and counting, to always be close to you !!!

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