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Villaloma Ristorante Pizzeria

Villaloma Ristorante Pizzeria

The homemade seasoning and the love of Mrs. Gloria Gallegos for his family for more than four decades it transcended from your home to the table where you are sitting today. In each of his creations you can perceive the dedication and love for his family reflected in the exquisite flavor of his dishes, positioning Villaloma as one of the best traditional pizzerias in the State of Chiapas.

Throughout these forty years we have established ourselves as a proudly Chiapas company, for this reason we want to thank you for sharing with us such important moments as: birthday celebrations, engagements, anniversaries, among many others. We always hope to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable environment, highlighting the quality of our dishes and the warmth of our staff, making you feel part of the great Villaloma family.

Cooking with love results in the exquisite flavor that characterizes our pizzas.

Integrity and respect in our customer service are our main values, this prompts us to do everything possible to meet your expectations. And in the same way we take care of the well-being of our collaborators and suppliers within our organization.

Our main target is to maintain a personalized and cordial service, through products with the highest quality standards. And thus, grant the value that our consumers deserve and as a correspondence to the trust they place in us.

La Mission is to offer a service with which customers can identify themselves through good service, a wide range of food and beverages. And enriching the lives of our employees at the same time.

And our vision is to be the number one Pizza Restaurant in the city, surpassing the competition that exists within the industry, generating jobs and continuing to improve society. Aspiring to become a successful chain of restaurants and franchises within the country.

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