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Your own web platform to sell food online easily, quickly and safely.

The ideal home delivery platform for your restaurant

Soft Restaurant e-Delivery is a drop-in and take-out web platform that allows restaurants to increase their food sales online and maintain full control of their business without third-party intervention. In addition, it has an Android application to improve the experience of diners.






Easy to use


Did you know that with e-Delivery your restaurant can have its Android application for home delivery and Pick Up? 


Customizable platform

Position and reinforce your brand through the different customization options for the logo, color palette, and URL.

Total sales control

Keep a complete record of what is sold through e-Delivery and access reports from the platform through the web panel or, if you are a Soft Restaurant 9.5 PRO customer, through your system.


Configurable Business

Register the various preferences of your business, such as opening hours, delivery areas, payment methods, and more...

Customer loyalty

Keep track of your customers and generate special promotions according to the guidelines that you establish.

Now Soft Restaurant e-Delivery has new functionality: e-Menu QR 

How e-Delivery works

To start selling food online with Soft Restaurant e-Delivery you just need to perform the following steps:

Upload your menu, register your delivery areas, opening hours, promotions, and preferences.


Configure the link to your home order web platform so that your customers know about it.


Receive orders from your guests through the web platform or in your Soft Restaurant 9.5 PRO system.


Watch the tutorials and learn how to sell with e-Delivery

Initial recommendations Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery

Learn how to load correctly configured products.

Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery account creation

Create a business profile and upload all the pertinent information to your branch.

Properly synchronize Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery

Add the information about your restaurant and the pick-up or home service modalities.

Learn about the functions of Soft Restaurant ® e-Delivery

Register the companies within your e-Delivery platform, create your promotions and discounts.

Acquire your platform to sell food online


e-Delivery + e-Menu QR

$464 / MXN

Monthly / VAT included

$4,640 / MXN

(12 months) You only pay 10 months!
VAT included
Buy Month Buy 1 year
  • Web platform eDelivery In rent*
  • Web platform e-MenuQR In rent*
  • 1 branch included
  • Unlimited orders
  • 0% commission for orders *
  • Reports on the web platform
  • Web hosting

Why choose Soft Restaurant e-Delivery?


60% of diners prefer to consume through home delivery


Friendly and easy-to-use interface for anyone


Full access to the information collected as well as full customization.

Meet some restaurants that are already succeeding e-Delivery


    A safe way to access the menu

    e-MenuQR is the new product of the Soft Restaurant family that allows diners to access your restaurant menu from their mobile device through QR technology, minimizing the risk of contact.



    Customize your menu with the logo and colors of your brand and select the dishes you want to show to your guests.


    Load your menu from your Soft Restaurant e-Delivery platform or your Soft Restaurant 9.5 PRO system, if you have one.



    Do I need to have a website to use Soft Restaurant e-Delivery?

    No, e-Delivery can be used with or without a website, since it is a web platform that we develop at Soft Restaurant.

    Are you ready to open your restaurant online?

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