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How to start selling food online in a restaurant?

How to start selling food online in a restaurant?

In recent years, food order trends online and They have increased exponentially, making selling food online a necessity both for restaurants with extensive experience and for gastronomic ventures that want to reach more customers every day.

If you still have doubts about how to start using digital platforms as a sales channel for your business, here we will show you how to do it step by step to achieve success Get ready!

Step 1. Set a goal for your online sales

The first step is to clearly establish what the online sales objective is for your business, as this will allow you to evaluate what resources you have to fulfill it, what digital platforms you have available, which consumers you want to reach, what procedures you will follow and how you can evaluate the results obtained.

For example, if your business currently sells 100 dishes a day in the establishment, you can determine that, to start, your online sales goal is 25 percent, that is, sell at least 25 orders online and up to date.

To meet your goal, you must have the supplies and enough staff to prepare those 25 additional dishes, as well as determine the time you must invest in each dish during the day to ensure your deliveries without delay.

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Step 2. Create a special menu for your channel online and


Once you have laid the strategic foundations for your new sales channel online and, it's time to fully enter the design your menu online

Consider all the dishes you currently have on your menu and add to your new online menu only those that can be arranged in sealed packages to send home or to pick up, without losing its essence.

Includes exclusive promotions to motivate your potential customers to order your services online for the first time. You can also introduce trendy ideas to your menu, for example healthy, vegan or organic ingredients.

Every food order is important online and It is carried out with the same dedication and effort that is invested in the dining room service, since online customer satisfaction is key to promoting loyalty and the increase in sales through this channel.

Step 3. Establish the logistics of your deliveries


One of the most common drawbacks for restaurants when moving their services to the digital world is the delivery process, especially for those who do not yet have a home delivery service.

It starts with takeout (pick up or drive thru)

If you do not have distributors, you can start receiving food orders online and to pick up (pick up), which will allow you to check if your level of production and online sales is ready to move to food delivery. 

To offer this service, you need to determine a special area for the delivery of orders, considering the recommended measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. For example, some restaurants have chosen to deliver orders to their customers without them having to get out of their cars (drive thru style).

Consider food delivery apps

Food delivery apps at home They are a recommended option if you do not have distributorsIn addition to providing you with this service, they allow you to publicize your restaurant among the thousands of users on their platforms.

You just have to consider that their commissions vary and, in some countries as Mexico they are already required to collect 16 percent VAT on requestTherefore, the perception of the price-quality ratio of your dishes may be less convenient than what you could really offer to your customers in a direct and long-term way.

Build your own cast crew

Having your own home service is one of the most recommended options to get the most out of your internet sales, as it allows you to maintain complete control of the entire delivery process to achieve customer satisfaction.

If you had to remove waiters from your restaurant during the contingency, one way to help them generate income is to integrate them as your delivery service. On the other hand, you can generate alliances with taxi or parcel services of your locality to form your home delivery team.

If you already have your own delivery service, you will know the convenience it represents compared to the use of third-party platforms, so the next step is reinforce training in customer service and in the hygiene measures necessary for each delivery to be successful.

Step 4: Use all the digital platforms you have to promote your online sales


The use of social networks is a key tool to start selling food online without investing too much, even without the need for a website. 

Both in Mexico and in Latin America, internet users spend most of their time browsing on networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, so it is essential that you spread your new sales channel through these online and.  

To make the most of the advantages that these platforms give you, we invite you to download the Complete guide to boost the delivery service of a restaurant and increase its sales, where you will find all the tools you need to receive orders online from your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messaging profiles, as well as the best e-mail Marketing strategies and internet positioning through Google My Business.


 Step 5: Implement your own platform to receive online orders


If you already have the service pick up and home delivery (or you have the possibility to implement it), the next step is to centralize all your online sales on your own platform to receive and manage your orders online.

In this way, you can automate order entry and reduce time spent in WhatsApp messaging or phone calls, accept various forms of payment (including online payment), keep an order history per customer and promote greater loyalty in your digital sales.

Some platforms like Soft Restaurant® e-Delivery they offer you the possibility of link all your social networks to your online ordering system, so your outreach efforts can pay off better and significantly increase your business' overall sales.

Make up your mind to start selling food online today!

Taking your restaurant or your gastronomic venture to the digital world is easier than it seems, you just have to take into consideration the sales goals you want to achieve and the steps you must follow to achieve them successfully.

If you want to know what platforms exist to sell food online, what advantages and disadvantages they represent and which one is best for your business (among many other aspects) we invite you to subscribe to our blog to receive more news weekly and prepare your restaurant to succeed in the digital world.

We hope you enjoyed this article!