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In search of a WOW experience

Today the business world is more competitive than it used to be and customers are demanding more and more. Are you stranded in a sea of ​​restaurants? What can you do to stand out? Offer a WOW experience!

First, What is a WOW experience? It is thus known to those unforgettable moments that conquer the client. For Ricardo Shahin, General Director of Consumer Intelligence Research (CIR) Mexico, it is about that moment in which both the intellect and the emotions of the customer are involved at the time of purchase, at the same point of sale.

But how can you achieve this effect? Luisa Duarte, National Soft Customer Service Manager tells us in her webinar how. It is a day-to-day job that focuses on exceeding customer expectations. So that you are not only satisfied, but also surprised. “Customers want satisfaction but they will only talk about what exceeded their expectations” - says Luisa. To achieve this, it gives us the following recommendations:


A clear example is Starbucks. A company that knows its customers; He calls them by name, creates bonds and makes them feel at home. A company you return to.

To build a repetitive business you have to know how to approach your customer. Luisa Duarte points out something interesting and that is that "we like to be buyers, not that they sell us" therefore you have to observe your client and think about what they would like to obtain from you. But it is important that your entire team has the same approach, because although many decisions are made by you, all positions are important.


A helpful tip is to never get upset when your customers demand of you. On the contrary, listen to them and preferably have a specialized department for their attention. In this way you can improve and innovate.


The moments of truth are the moments when you can present yourself to your client without sales purposes. Critical situations in which instead of staying in a rigid posture you show yourself positive and sincere. You listen and you solve.

In addition to surprising the customer, lowering your guard, this helps you create case studies or benchmarks so that your entire team knows how to react to similar situations.


For the webinar, National Soft applied an opinion survey to a group of people, in which they gave their point of view as clients. Of this group of people, 68% say that when they leave a service, restaurant or supplier, it is usually because of the indifference they feel. That is why consistency is a key piece.

What gives your customers a feeling of consistency?

Anticipating their needs is what gives your customers a sense of consistency. Remember his name, if he needs a baby seat or what sauce he likes best when ordering his food. Create loyalty or reward plans. Have a stock of gifts for emergencies. Even ask them directly what they like the most about your establishment or service. They will be surprised to see that you care about them.


Another important point is how accessible you are to your customers and by accessible they do not mean cheap. To be accessible is to be at their disposal and this provision will go hand in hand with the implementation of technology.

An example that the National Soft Customer Service manager presents is the creation of a database containing the important dates for your clients: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. And by means of emails send them congratulations and some promotion that brings them closer to your establishment.

The use of social networks is also important. In them you can be in direct contact with them, have customer service and generate content; videos, tutorials, demos.


There is an instrument that will help you identify your clients and thus implement the previous steps properly. The loyalty ladder is divided as follows:

  • Suspect: It is the person who is finding out who you are and what services you provide.
  • Prospectus: When the suspect has interests that match what you offer.
  • Buyer: He is the one who buys your product once.
  • Client: He already bought you once and does it again because he likes it.
  • Member: This is created with loyalty programs.
  • Defender: It tells everyone about you.
  • Fanatic: This basically does the shopping for you.

The last three are the ones you have to thank; They are your VIP clients. Give them a name. But do not neglect the former as over time they could become fanatics.

Now that you know how to offer a WOW experience, "be proactive and not reactive" go ahead and start with a strategic plan starting today.