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Conquer your customers and turn your restaurant into the ideal place to celebrate February 14

It is no coincidence that the influx of customers in restaurants increases considerably during the celebration of the day of love and friendship. According to figures from the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry CANIRAC, during 2011, the celebration of February 14 represented an economic benefit for the sector of 600 million pesos, surpassed by Mother's Day with an amount of one thousand five hundred million pesos.  


Therefore, it is vitally important to distinguish yourself from the competition and to conquer the palate of new consumers will be your goal to captivate them on the first visit. Let's do it! These are some tips that will help you differentiate yourself and be the preferred one to celebrate the day of love and friendship. According to a study carried out by Harvard University, those conversations on social networks that generate feelings of LOVE or HATE in the audience, increase the intention to interact and get involved in the conversation by 87%. For this reason we propose you.

Create and spread messages, contests or promotions on your social networks, such as your Fan Page is the ideal place for your followers to share your restaurant proposal.

It is an ideal occasion to create a Facebook campaign aimed at a local audience, specifically in the area where your restaurant is located. Not only will you help keep this special date in mind for potential clients, but you will also be able to position yourself as a brand that deals with offering a differential to its audience.  Spreading a current promotion during the month of February, offers you the possibility of extending the visit of those people who prefer to celebrate days before or after February 14, to avoid saturation of people in public places. Do not exclude, diversify your messages and invite you to celebrate friendship day in your restaurant. Esmbed from Getty Image

Run an image or photo contest for Valentine's Day, ask your fans to upload a photo with their partner and the image with the most votes will be the winner.

When we feel love on the surface, we want to tell everyone about it and an extra motivation, such as a gift or prize, will arouse the interest of the arrowed for Cupid.

Gift cards are usually one of the most used gifts on this date. Use your social profiles to market gift cards for your restaurant with a preferential amount that covers the amount of a lunch or dinner for two. If you lack this resource, you can use loyalty cards, a low-cost alternative, friendly to your system, which will facilitate the process of rewarding and offering discounts or points to encourage customers to consume frequent.

Take care of the details, create a suitable atmosphere for the occasion. February 14 is an ideal date to declare feelings, make marriage proposals and take care of these details can give you the advantage that your restaurant is the place chosen to celebrate this event.   The main thing will be to focus on creating the best experience for our client. Offer a special dinner, hearts, candles, changes in the staff's wardrobe, the predominance of black, red, music, a rose on each plate, it can be key for your customer's experience to be remembered.

Give your customers a detail that transcends time. When they are dining, capture the moment with a photo of each couple. Print it out on paper to give it to you with the bill. They will love it. If you prefer to simplify time and have space, you can make a photocall for them to pose when they arrive at your restaurant.

This day is to celebrate, there are people who do not have a partner and most businesses focus their advertising and promotions only on this sector, but it is up to you to plan and offer options for all types of audiences; families and groups of friends. By Mónica Rosas Content Editor National Soft®