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How to choose the best software for restaurants?

How to choose the best software for restaurants?

A restaurant software is a fundamental tool to improve the management of a restaurant, inventory control, reservations and customer service, among many other aspects.


However, choose the best software For your restaurant it may seem like a complicated decision due to the large number of options that exist in the market. Therefore, in this article we have listed six steps that will help you make the best decision for your business in a practical and safe way.

1. Detect the needs of your business

Each restaurant operates differently, so the first step in knowing which software is best for you is to clearly identify what the main needs of your business are. You can start by answering these questions:

  • What type of services do you handle? (dining room service, delivery, fast food ...)
  • How many areas are there in the business?
  • What are the most common problems that arise in your business?
  • How many staff do you have?
  • What are the needs of your employees?
  • What are your short, medium and long term marketing plans?

In this way, when you investigate or approach a software provider, you can inquire if their system has tools, functions and business schemes that adapt to your requirements.

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2. Look for a restaurant software that has the most essential functions

Although there are a large number of tools that a restaurant system can offer you, when choosing the best one for your business you must make sure that it has the functions that are most essential today, such as:

  • Point of sale with all types of service.
  • Production or kitchen monitor.
  • Administration for restaurants.
  • Inventory control.
  • Customer loyalty.

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In addition, delivery tools will be extremely important to reach more customers in 2021, so even if you do not manage this service yet, make sure that the software you are going to acquire has tools that allow you to integrate it efficiently when you are ready. to take the next step.

3. Consult success stories or reviews of the systems you are considering


If you have already found several options that attract your attention, it is time to investigate on the internet what the experience of other clients of these systems has been, either through their success stories, reviews or recommendations that help you to get a better idea of ​​the benefits that the software in question can give you.

You can also research the software development companies' websites about their history, their years of experience in the sector or the number of clients they have served in order to decide if they are a trusted provider.

4. Compare costs vs. the benefits that the software offers you

Now is the time to evaluate what is the relationship between costs and benefits that you can obtain with the system you are considering buying to ensure that it will be a profitable investment for your business.

To get a realistic idea, make an estimate of what you currently invest in manually running your restaurant operations per month and per year, and compare how much it would cost to invest in restaurant software that helps you reduce or eliminate these operations completely. 

To this add the benefits that you can obtain by attracting more customers, increasing your capacity, reducing losses due to losses or errors in orders, etc.

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5. Seek professional advice from an expert

restaurant software consulting

If you have already done enough research on your own but still do not feel completely convinced, it is time to contact a professional who can guide you in your purchase process. For this you can request a demonstration or an assessment of the system you are considering and through which you can solve all your doubts.

Here it is advisable to look for a trusted provider who has experience in the restaurant sector, as this will guarantee that they know the basic needs of gastronomic businesses and how to help them grow.

Keep in mind that some developer companies have various ways to provide adequate advice for interested clients, such as:

  • Online with a sales executive.
  • In person with a sales executive (if it has a branch in your city).
  • In person with an authorized dealer located in your same city.

6. Make sure you have warranty, support and training

Although it is not usually part of the system as such, the after-sales service (support, customer service and warranty) is essential to implement the solution correctly, train your employees, solve problems that arise at the moment and get the most out of it. maximum benefit from your investment.

If the developer or provider also offers you access to manuals, free webinars, training courses, recommendations and tips with the best practices for using the system, rest assured that this will be the best option for the growth of your restaurant.

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Meet Soft Restaurant®, the best software for restaurants!

As you can see, choosing the best system for restaurants is not such a complicated task, as you just have to follow these six steps to be able to reach the ideal solution for your business.

If you want to know in detail a restaurant software that has the essential functions for a restaurant, more than 18 years of experience in the sector and a first-rate after-sales service, we recommend you request a free online advice on Soft Restaurant® 10, the No. 1 system for restaurants in Mexico and Latin America. 

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